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Sunday, March 6, 2016

John Audubon Center at Mill Grove's Sapsucker Festival 2016

Yesterday I ventured to Mill Grove for their annual Sapsucker Festival. I went two years ago and loved it; I wanted to venture to the sanctuary and park again to see Sam Adams, the half blind screech owl. Sam Adams was hit along 422, a highway in our area, while trying to catch a mouse for dinner. Fortunately a driver spotted the hit owl and brought him to an animal hospital. Sam Adams was saved, but since he is blind on the left side JJAC is his permanent home. I also wanted to see the other owls. I love owls.

The event was free, but they had a $5 pancake breakfast. I started my morning off with a stack of pancakes, coffee, and apple juice. It did get crowded pretty quickly, though!

After breakfast, I made it down to the John J. Audubon Center (JJAC) and took photos of his beautiful house and the Schuylkill River that flows beside it. I bet it looks beautiful when the trees are in bloom in the spring and a rainbow of colours in the autumn. I sat down and watched the Canadian Geese. So peaceful.

I decided to walk to the owl sanctuary before they would be brought out for live owl demonstrations. I'm glad I did, I loved watching them and talking to them. Luna seemed to love gabbing with me as well. Yes, I did take video.

Sam Adams

I love how intensely Odin was watching this little boy.

This boy talking to Odin.

Then the live owl demonstrations:

Me and Sammy. <3 p="">


I wrote this poem about Sam Adams last year for the start of NaPoWriMo and I'm going to put it in my book. I don't think I'll add to it, I am going to add a poem about Sam Adams and his story to put next to this poem. I'm going to work on that poem today, but I do want to share with you Sam Adam's Courage.

Sam Adams’s Courage

It does not rise in the morning, unless summoned;
surprisingly he does not snap at his handler's hand.
He does not like vegetables, fruits, or greens--
and his meals can't be too hot or too furry or too bland,
He normally doesn't like the too bright rays of the sun,
nor the nights where the moon's glow is on full blast.
It prefers not to fly into night's clouds, running from guns
nor foxes or whatever else will track him down for his demise;
even the car that hit him, couldn't destroy his life--
he does not nip or bite your hand, he is sweet and will rise!

Even the falcon and red hawk young woman was amazing. I heard she was 14, but she looked older than 14 to me (I am 4'10, so anyone taller than me looks older). However, the love she showed her birds and the live demonstrations were amazing.

I also learned a lot about making maple syrup and candy from that maple syrup. The one volunteer let me taste the sap coming from the tree. Since it's early in the season, the sap tasted like water. Before the trees bud, the sap will get sweeter and that will produce a darker syrup after the filtering and processing. It was a great day out.

Making candy.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You get around to more interesting places than anybody else I know and you learn many news things every single weekend. Thank you for sharing the story of Sam Adams, the half blind screech owl. Sam is lucky that a kindhearted motorist passed by and took him somewhere for treatment of his injuries. At least he still has a life, such as it is. I enjoyed your poem about Sam Adam's Courage and seeing and learning about the other owls and other birds of prey. I would love to tap into a tree and taste its sap!

    Have a great week, dear friend JM!

    1. It was so much fun, dear friend! I just love owls and I was happy to see Sam again. He's my favorite.

      Thank you, you too Shady!

  2. Odin's a handsome devil. Happy Maple Season!

    1. He sure is. :) I'm going to work on a few poems about him.

      Happy Maple Season!