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Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Day of Spring / International Day of Happiness 2016 (Picture Post)

Happy first day of Spring to my friends in the Northern hemisphere and Happy first day of Autumn to my friends in the Southern hemisphere! Today is also the International Day of Happiness.

On weekends when I'm on my walks, I love visiting my old elementary school's playground to go swinging. I find swinging as I listen to my iPod to be very therapeutic.

Happiness is listening to music!

How did you celebrate International Day of Happiness?


  1. Hi, dear Jessica!

    Happy first day of spring and happy International Day of Happiness! :) :)

    (not one but two smiley faces!)

    Looks like Mimi the cat has her attention riveted on something in these pictures. Maybe she sees the butterflies returning to Montgomery County. You took some great shots of the daffodils in bloom. I never pass a swing set w/o swinging for a while. There is a park near us and Mrs. Shady and I use the swings whenever we visit. Music always makes me happy.

    I wish you a wonderful week ahead, my award winning friend! :)

    1. Hi, dear friend Shady!

      Thank you and you too! :) :)

      Yesterday we gave her the allergy medicine, so I think her mind was on everything. It was comical.

      Thank you, you too!