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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Books For All

I know this is such an odd title for a blog, but as I was reading some posts I made in October to see if I typed the other Turkish poem I wrote. I realized I didn't, but I found this status I made:

I was at work at the library this evening and one family came into the library. They signed up for library cards - 3 kids. They were from Jeffersonville, meaning their home library is Montco-Norristown. They were hoping UMTL had books in braille for her one son. When my supervisor said no, but they could get them from Philadelphia, she just shook her head. Her son exclaimed, "I could read books in very large print! I don't need braille!" (I guess he's not fully blind, but legally.) I felt really bad for him and my heart sank to learn not many libraries carry braille books. I saw him walk out with very large print books of fly guy. Now that I am also working full time, I'm going to order some braille books for children and donate them to the UMTL. It's such a sin when certain groups of people can't read books because of a disability. No one should be denied the joy of reading because braille isn't available.

I never did order a braille book to donate to the library I work for because Amazon didn't really have many braille books. The only two or three they had in stock received really bad ratings and the complaints were they weren't really good stories. It made me sad to learn that there aren't many braille books in existence.

As a librarian page and a life-long lover of reading, I was very sad when I heard that and it made me wish I knew how to write in braille. I think books for everyone should be available; maybe I'll Google search for some braille books that I can donate.

Speaking of books for all, I started writing an Arabic baby book about feelings. My goal is to illustrate it and find a publisher that would publish Arabic books in the West. Of course my long term goal is to be able to write Arabic books at all levels.  Maybe some day I will learn how to write in braille and write a few books for blind (and/or legally blind) children. Yes, I think books for all languages and disabilities are important. We're a diverse world and we should celebrate that diversity!


  1. I wonder if you can use this link and try to get books through the library of congress:

    Or maybe the library can refer that family if they come back.
    Or this link might be helpful to you as well. They have the classic books in braille:
    I just bought a book from them, so the order went in :D

    1. I will check out those sites. Thank you so much for your help!