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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Around Town 3/12/2016

A few weeks ago I became a member of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and I saw in the booklet that on March 12 there would be a dance and movement tour. I assumed there would be dancing and I decided to check out the tour today. Although we didn't dance, I am glad I went because I learned so much about Mark Chagal, Degas, Picasso, and other artists that painted dance and movement. Learning how Mark Chagal painted scenes from Pushkin, but painted the scenes to suite his style, gave me some great ideas for my book. I was also happy to finally see Ghost move!  I will be writing a poem about Ghost's movement. This is my absolute favorite piece in the art museum!

After my tour ended, I saw a Chinese tour being given. I listened a little bit. It sounded neat, although I couldn't understand them.

Since the bagel I bought at the halal cart was burnt (we were speaking in Arabic and talking about Dubai... the chef got too caught up in our conversation and didn't realize my bagel was burning. I didn't realize it until I was on the bus... it's okay, though) I decided to have lunch at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The restaurant was called Granite Hill and it was very good. Here is my lunch:

Shirley Temple!

Saffron infused mussels.


I also walked around to see more of the International Pop exhibit. This was one of the few changing exhibits I could photograph and it was totally amazing. I would recommend visiting International Pop if you visit Philadelphia. I want to say it's there until May... it's a limited time exhibit.

I then walked to the Academy of Natural Sciences to use my membership there since it had been almost two months. I didn't realize that today is National Free Museum Day sponsored by the Smithsonian Museum and the ANS was crowded. The Art Museum was getting crowded when I left; every museum across the nation was most likely very crowded today. I didn't do much, but I did get to explore the butterflies and take cool pictures.

I ended my day at Barnes and Nobel and bought this book. I still have my textbooks from when I studied Arabic at school; this workbook will go with one of the grammar books I have from class. These authors are decent. I'm getting back into the groove of teaching myself more Arabic. I've been doing this for four years after my classes ended (I'm thinking about taking classes again... depends on money).

Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! :)


  1. Fun day!

    As comic books are big at our house, I am drawn to pop art, especially Roy Lichtenstein.

    1. It totally was! Glad I went down yesterday because today it's supposed to rain!

      I really liked Roy Lichtenstein's pieces. I really loved Oiran - so much so I bought a postcard reproduction of it that I will eventually get framed.

  2. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thank you for taking me along on another fascinating tour at the Museum of Art. It looks like they serve some excellent food there. I eat wild ocean salmon every chance I get. I would love to see that Pop exhibit. I think I recognize Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Bob Hope, JFK, Mickey & Donald. That blue body art piece is striking! I wish I lived in your vicinity so that I could visit that dinosaur exhibit. I have loved dinosaurs all my life! I must have had a premonition the other day when I asked if you had seen any butterflies. You got to see plenty of them on your museum tour!

    Thank you for another entertaining and educational post, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Hi, Shady!

      You're welcome! I recognize the celebrities you named, including Mickey and Donald. Felix the Cat has always been my favorite. I also recognized some of the communism leaders, Jimi Hendrix, Che Guevera, and a lot of others I didn't get pictures of. The blue man was amazing! There was a huge crowd around him and I'm thankful I could capture a picture.

      I love the Academy of Natural Sciences! I want to go back when it's less crowded to see the tarantulas exhibit. Yesterday was just way too crowded - I don't do well in large crowds.

      I hope you have a great Sunday, dear friend Shady!