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Saturday, March 5, 2016

An Evening with the Hegazy Sisters - Phila. Museum of Art's Art After 5

Yesterday evening I trekked to Philadelphia after work. I just missed the train going to Philadelphia from my job, so I had to hop on the train to Norristown (like I was going home) and catch the NHSL to 69th Street, then the el to Center City. It took me 40 minutes out of my way and couldn't stop at FYE before going to the Art Museum since I was cutting it close.

I arrived at the Philadelphia Museum of Art around 4:50 PM. I went to the front desk to inquire about my membership since I have yet to receive a card. The lady informed me that it takes 4 weeks or so, but she printed out a temporary pass for me. She also informed me that this month was member appreciation month and there was complimentary tea and coffee in one of the rooms. I went to have some coffee and to look at the art books. I was going to work on my book, but instead wrote postcards to two of my pen pals since the art museum was sending them free of charge.

I made my way to the front of the building at around 5:30 and picked a seat that was very close to the performers. Leila and Omnia Hegazy, the performers for the evening, started playing at around 5:45 and they were just so amazing. Leila and Omnia Hegazy are twin sisters. They're Egyptian and Italian; their style fuses the East with the West. Someone on said the video I posted reminded her of Middle Eastern Joan Baezs. I never thought of that, but I could see it.  I loved their style and anyone who covers Amr Diab's "Habibi" is awesome in my book. It just brought back some great memories of Arabic class in college and belly dancing at Casablanca.

I met Leila and Omnia before I left. I bought their CDs and bought a few CDs for Andrew and Christina. I love supporting indie musicians and they were really nice and inspiring.  If you like what you have heard, please check them out via the following avenues:

Leila Hegazy:
Twitter: @LeilaMusic
Instagram: @LeilaHegazy

Omnia Hegazy
Twitter: @OmniaTweets

Omnia, Me, and Leila

I love this one: Leila is talking to a little boy and his mother. The boy just started playing guitar and she's telling him about music. The boy is four, so it was just really nice to see. I think music is important for all ages.

Both girls talking to the little boy and his mother.

Before I left, I wanted to take a quick walk around the new Pop International exhibit. The exhibit is full of Andy Warhol creations and other POP artists. I can't wait to go back next Saturday because the Philadelphia Museum of Art is having dance lessons with one of the exhibits. After that dance, I'll walk around a lot more, then go to the Academy of Natural Sciences (I am a member there too).

I ended my evening at Cedars. I had lentil soup and stuffed grape leaves. I was tired by that point and didn't get pictures, but the restaurant is so beautiful at night with the candle glow and low lighting. It was a great evening out and met some really great people.


  1. Hi, dear Jessica!

    Once again you were where the action is, dear friend. You are very lucky to live such a short distance (by train) from a large cultural mecca like Philadelphia. I really enjoyed listening to Leila and Omnia Hegazy. They sang and played beautifully. That room in the Museum of Art has excellent acoustics and I was able to hear their song performances very clearly. Lucky you, getting to have dinner at one of your favorite restaurants, Cedars. I haven's eaten stuffed grape leaves since I dined at a Greek restaurant in Tarpon Springs, FL.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend Jessica Marie!

    1. Hi, dear friend Shady!

      I really enjoyed myself and I really enjoyed the Hegazy sisters - I'll be putting in my CDs today. I'm hoping my friends will enjoy them as well (yes, I love sharing music). If you're interested, Shady, they have a free song on bandcamp.

      This was my first time having grape leaves. They were interesting, and I could see why they were an appetizer! I would order them again, though. I almost want to try making them myself. :)

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too, dear friend!