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Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Spring 2011

After I graduated from college, I ordered my transcripts so that way I can send them to jobs I applied for. I was sent my transcripts to download and I still look at them from time to time. I started college in August 2008 and in Fall 2010 I changed my major from history to English writing. My first semester as an English major was Spring 2011. I consider it one of my best semesters as I did well for taking 18 credits (6 classes). I am not going to post the entirety of my transcripts, but I did a lot of different things in college. I always say to people: "I just wasn't an English major, I took a whole bunch of classes so I could learn different things. Of course some of those courses were for self-growth." I think self-growth classes are just as important as "I need these for a job" courses.

Sorry about the blurriness. I had to take a picture from my phone. The secure PDF file wouldn't allow screen shots.

What spurred on this entry? I made the reservations for Sultan's Tent and it reminded me the last time I saw a belly dancing show was in 2011 during my spring semester. I saw it with my Arabic class. One of my pen pals sent me an e-mail last night stating I need to take pictures of me belly dancing while I was there and I should write about it. I will definitely do that because I want to add my Canadian trip to As Far As The Eyes Can See. I'm also thinking about writing a poem about the times I went belly dancing for school. Last April I wrote an Aubade about going to a hookah bar and meeting Amir. Maybe I will turn belly dancing into an Aubade as well. Here is the Aubade about meeting Amir - I definitely want to edit it as I don't think it's my best.

A Hookah Bar Aubade

I work all day, I study Arabic by night;
dancing around the silk covered walls,
Friday comes alive in rose coloured light
and Egyptian beats and tunes don't stall.
Friends come to perform tricks with flare:
like memories from childhood, in the smoke rings,
I clearly see what was always there--
an ebony haired, ivory skinned Egyptian king.
Making all concentration impossible now,
an attempt to flirt in Arabic, I dread I fail
as the day draws closer; he exclaims wow
and responds back to me with a smile and email.
Yet, no interrigation, but a quick number give;
and a heavy hug with wondering how I'll live,
how we'll live, now that our eyes locked in haze.

As the the coals fade into the facade,
we take our last swig of Chai tea,
before heading back into the cold, odd
February dawn, before heading back to sea--
my king bids me a soft kiss farewell
and we head out onto the streets,
heading to the car, my friend laughs to tell
that the guy was totally hitting on me and sweet.
We laugh and on the drive home, out the window,
I see the sky turn from black-blue to pink,
the stars barely showing or a pale glow--
my Friday Arabian night back to reality sinks.

From the first time I went. Wouldn't do that again. I choke as I don't smoke.

Nick was one of my old friend's fiance. I loved how he could blow rings.

I have two weeks until Toronto! I am super excited for the trip! I am going to work on my t-shirt now too.


  1. Have fun in Toronto! I'd love to go. We spend as much time as we can in Montreal as it's only a couple hours away. We've never been to Toronto except to drive past it. Someday!

    1. Thank you! This will be my first time in Canada in general and I'm looking forward to it! I can't get over how many Middle Eastern and other ethnic things there are to do in Toronto. It makes me happy. ^_^

      What is Montreal like?