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Sunday, March 13, 2016

24 Days Until Toronto

On April 7, I will be taking a 2.5 day trip to Toronto. Exactly one month ago I posted about the bed & breakfast I'll be staying in: Off To Toronto and will be working on my book in the evenings... except Friday night since I am going to the home opener of the Toronto Blue Jays.

I started to plan some places I would really like to go to; I have to print out maps this week. These are the three places I want to go to:

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

I love aquariums. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is my absolute favorite and Ripley's Aquarium looks like it is comparable to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. There is a promotion for #SharkSelfies where people can win prizes for the best selfie - that sounds up my area.I am looking forward to walking the dark winding halls, illuminated by fish tanks and gorgeous sea creatures swimming around me. Aquariums feel ethereal to me and that's why I enjoy aquariums. I also love fish.

Aga Khan Museum

I'm looking forward to visiting the Aga Khan Museum, a museum of Eastern culture and art. The Aga Khan Museum drew me in because they have some exhibits related to what I learned in my Arabic class, and I know they offer some classes on writing Sufi poetry. I'll have to see if any of those classes are being held when I am there because I would love to learn how to write Sufi poetry, but if not... the other events they have look interesting and like a lot of fun. Looks like they have pop-up performances too! Should be a great time!

Allen Gardens Conservatory

This place looks beautiful! I love visiting gardens when I travel because I love seeing what different cities like to do with their gardens. This almost reminds me of Longwood Gardens.

A given:

I'm staying near High Park and plan on visiting at some point during my stay! High Park seems very comparable to Central Park in NYC. I look forward to visiting and with the way Pennsylvania weather has been going, my guess is Toronto has been warmer than average as well - maybe I'll see trees in bloom! I leave at 9 AM on Sunday morning and plan on hanging in NYC for a few hours. I'll be visiting Central Park too!

I look forward to blogging about my adventures! The planning phase of any trip always excite me. I love planning and mapping. :)

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