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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Looking Back: Baltimore Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers

In homage to the Super Bowl today, I am sharing poetry I just wrote about the time I saw a Baltimore Ravens pre-season game in August 2013. They played the Panthers and the Panthers gave them a pouncing.

Clouds On the Ravens Walk

Where did the cumulus clouds come from,
as they shroud the Ravens Walk pathway?
Though rays of sun still shine through,
illuminating M&T Field in the distance.

As they shroud the Ravens Walk pathway?
They don't seem to discourage the hoards
who swarm photographers in the ray of sunshine,
I laugh at some of their drunken spontaneity.

It doesn't seem to discourage the hoards
that now block the ravens, Rise & Conquer,
I don't dare laugh at some of the drunken catcalls;
those poor cheerleaders, one can never get used to that.

Now they start to clear from the ravens, Rise & Conquer,
I nervously walk up to the cheerleaders;
they look tired, I guess they never get used to this--
I begin to introduce myself:

I nervously tell the cheerleaders that I am from Pennsylvania.
Oh, we're from Allentown! Where are you from?
"King of Prussia. Dad and I are Ravens fans from King of Prussia."
We introduce ourselves as honorary Pennsylvania girls.

We are honorary and beautiful Pennsylvania girls,
as they gladly pose for a picture with me,
they are really friendly and welcoming,
and let me pose with Rise & Conquer.

The ravens gladly pose for a picture with me,
as I thanked the zookeepers and the cheerleaders;
they are all friendly and welcoming,
what a wonderful pre-game adventure!

Maybe these cumulus clouds will lift for a great game.

A Quarterback Named Joe Flacco

There once was a quarterback named Joe
who was the Super Bowl MPV for his throw;
He quickly tossed the ball in the air,
but a Panther leaped up with great flare!
The Panthers win to our egos was a blow!

Yes, I will be editing these poems to put in my upcoming poetry book. I am rooting for the Panthers today. Who are you rooting for?


  1. I keep forgetting the big game is today. I was a huge fan as a kid, far less now.

    That said, Panthers all the way.

    1. I'm watching the Kitten Bowl now and will watch the big game until bedtime. I didn't really watch football this year - couldn't get into it with everything going on.

  2. Replies
    1. I was disappointed to hear that they lost, but ah well. Hopefully next year the Packers make it.