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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

0 To 100

This month over on is Soundtracker's Soundtrack To Your Life. Soundtrack To Your Life is held every year and I started participating last year. The object of this challenge is to write poetry, short stories, or biographical pieces to the song you picked for the day. For the 2016 Soundtrack To Your Life challenge there are categories. This week is guilty pleasures.

Drake grew on me after seeing the Sprite commercial all summer. I thought 0 to 100/The Catch Up was catchy. I downloaded (err, bought) the song the other day for my iPod. It is a catchy song and I wrote about going to the Brown County Fair in Green Bay, WI with Deb in August 2012.

0 to 100

The soothing white clouds welcome
as I go from 0 to 100,
on the metallic swings.

Carnival music blasts,
dipping up and down, side to side;
swings ride along the clouds.

I see Deb below me,
laughing, as I go from 100 to 0--
I don't want to leave clouds:

as my hair blows wild
in the Wisconsin summer wind,
memories never forgotten--

Brown County Fair summer 2012,
where life seemed similar in Green Bay:
eating fries and hamburgers.

Walking from ride to ride
that I spied rather dizzily on a whirlwind--
"here are tickets -- meet a boy!"

I don't want to leave this fair,
where the sun sets and leaves stars;
wind blows my hair -- 0 to 100.

Maybe at the end of the week, I'll post some of the guilty pleasure songs I went with, :)


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie!

    I, for one, applaud you for daring to post an explicit rap song. It is the type of music I listen to during my evening workout sessions. It gets the job done!

    In my boyhood and teen years and I went to the York Interstate Fair every September. A day at the fair made my senses come alive. The noise of the crowd, the shows and the rides, the smell of food mixed with that of farm animals, and all the exciting visual images, created an environment in which I was receptive to music and became "anchored" to it. Songs that played on rides or on the car radio immediately after I left the fairgrounds, became burned into my memory, irrevocably linked to memories of my experiences at the fair. I ran a post about that phenomenon a few years ago.

    I enjoyed your poem very much!

    Thanks, dear friend Jessica Marie!

    1. Hi, dear Shady,

      I actually wasn't that nervous about posting the song to this blog; I was more nervous about posting it in Soundtrackers. There is a master list of all participants' music choices and hopefully no one finds it too offensive. I like the song, though, and it is a guilty pleasure. Like you, I like to listen to rap and metal when I exercise. Both genres do the trick well. :)

      Thank you, Shady. This poem will be going into my upcoming book. I've been working hard on it so I can get it done in a few months.

      Both fairs I went to in WI were VERY fun. I also loved the Allentown Fair when I went a few times. I love fairs, they're always so fun!