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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thankful Thursday 1/7/2016

Wow, today is the first Thankful Thursday of the year 2016! I did this for my Grumpy Cat Calendar today and I think I will continue it each week. It's sort of ironic - being thankful on a Thursday on a Grumpy Cat calendar... well, I think it's a nice idea, especially for work. :)

And I am thankful for that moon sight for the past two mornings. It has been gorgeous out, I love going to work in the moonlight.

I am also thankful about my job. Things are going really well and I am doing well. I wrote a poem about one experience I had last week. I am going to put it into my book. What do you think?

Happy New Year! (Filipino Style)

As I start my day, Monday through Friday, early morning,
I’m transported both foreign and domestic without warning.
Usually the visit is Mumbai with people so nice,
willing to take your call and give help without thinking twice—

between healthcare inquiries, we chat about our weekends,
Mumbai a vibrant city, sprawling with nightclubs that lend
their lights to the moon and stars, shining down on the lovers,
and the adventurers and misfits that watches from mountain covers;

how he will see a concert and eat at a hip restaurant next to the sea—
while I will spend my Sunday in the hustling-and-bustling Philly;
like in Mumbai, I will be the wanderer that goes museum exploring,
that adventurer that goes through Arabic stores for books and food tours.

In both of our cities, we can meet people from all over wandering aimlessly
from restaurant to restaurant, sampling new cultures rather shamelessly—
while taking in the urban decay where once wealthy people lived and hoped;
music takes us into venues or poetry readings filled with sadness that roped.

Yet today on this—finally!—New Year’s Eve Day,
I’m transported not to Mumbai, but farther away;
different than the hot deserts and Indian dry air,
but where oceans swell, crashing onto the shores with loud flare.

Where once peaceful starry skies are kidnapped and set ablaze,
from political groups fighting the rebel separatists’ angry phases—
though today is the only reprieve as we all prepare for a New Year:
where instead of wandering the Filipino streets with fear,

going from restaurant to restaurant, the movies, or the beach,
they are in a call center, watching TV before she takes my call
and drags me into their New Year—I’m a thirteen hour stall.
Everyone crowds around her cubicle, talking, laughing, a good time.
Between health claims, she talks about her hopes for 2016, I chime

in with my plans for the evening—a Third Eye Blind show:
we both chatter about our hopes in spring after the snow—
as it nears noon in Philadelphia, I am transported to midnight,
counting down the seconds, the shores crashing out of sight,

trees blowing, the crowd grows wilder and frantic—
one second left, we both grow extremely excited and manic:
“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” I hear everyone else yell, and I yell back,
“Happy New Year! I hope it is enjoyed.” The call ends and goes black;

I smile because this is the first year where I will get to celebrate twice,

once in the future, I have thirteen hours to prepare for an evening so nice.

I am also thankful for Hanan, Christina, and Claire for helping me through an event from last night. Thanks ladies, I appreciate you all! I am also thankful for my Instagram friend, Fahad. I love conversations we have and I understood 95% of what he was saying. YAY!

I also added a new teddy bear friend to the family tonight!

What are you thankful for?


  1. *exists!* I'm thankful there are such nice people out there in the world. ^_^

  2. Hi, dear Jessica Marie!

    You certain do have a lot for which to be thankful this Thursday. I enjoyed your poem which describes how you keep in touch with friends all over the world, how you welcomed in 2016 and your hopes for the coming year. Nicely done, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Thanks, Shady. One aspect of the job I like. I have found foreign men that work in the call centers to be super friendly and outgoing. They'll engage in conversation and it turns into banter back and forth. of course, we do get down to business... but it's just nice. :)

      I hope 2016 brings you everything you hope for as well, dear friend!