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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday 1/28/2016

This is not of my walk, but as I was waiting for the train. Look at the melt, compared to Monday:

Monday after the snow fall.

For the past two days, Pennsylvania has been warming up. It has been 38 degrees during the day and in the teens at night. With the higher temperatures, snow has been melting (and re-freezing at night); today I had the opportunity to take a walk. It felt nice because it has been two weeks (with the frigid winds and wind chills, although I love the cold, I didn't want to get sick... at least not until 2/1... so I stayed in). As I walked, the scenery looked beautiful. I loved seeing the snow and walking next the melting snow just felt seasonable. I feel thankful for the feeling. It just felt nice.

I'm not only thankful for the weather, but people too. One of my co-workers is retiring and the office was holding a retirement party for her at a local restaurant. I don't drive and a lot of people in the office don't drive, but for the holiday party the drivers carpooled and took the non-drivers.When I RSVP'd I assumed that would be the case again. As of last week, more representatives said they were going. Well, with the snow this week a lot stayed home. The one driver has a child who was sick and she had to make up time. She wasn't going and the other drivers left already. My co-worker suggested Uber. I am leery about Uber given the news stories about assaults that happen. However, I said I was going to this retirement party and I wanted to keep my promise (it is on the train route, but on Tuesday things were still clogged with snow - I couldn't walk to the restaurant); I booked Uber.

While I was waiting outside for Uber, one of dad's coworkers was serving papers at an old company that used to be in the building. He saw me, I told him what happened, he noticed my hesitation about Uber and offered to take me since he was going that way. I took him up on the offer because I was nervous about Uber. When Uber arrived, the driver was annoyed, but I am glad I went with someone I knew. I hopped into the deputy car and he took me to the restaurant. I am thankful for that; I am thankful for the nice people my dad works with. :)

The retirement party was a lot of fun! I am thankful it was a fitting ceremony. I ordered the co-worker a copy of my NYC photography book, however, it didn't come in until tonight. Tomorrow is her last day and I am thankful for gift arrived in time! It came later than the party, but I am glad it arrived before her last day! ::wipes sweat::

What are you thankful for today?

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