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Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Dinner

This is going to be a picture post because it's pretty much the same recipe as I made the last time (Fried Whole Fish [سمك مقلى[), except I added an Annaheim pepper, a bit of a hot pepper, and a pear instead of an apple. I made the dish for my parents this time and they like some spice to their food; that's why I added the spiciness, but not the spiciness recommended from the book (mom doesn't care for Jalepenos). Surprisingly, with just the Annaheim pepper and some hot pepper, it wasn't too spicy. It tasted good! I added the rest of the hot pepper to dad's fish and he really enjoyed his meal. Mom did as well.

I also made date bars for dessert. So good. :) It was a successful Sunday dinner, even if it did take me two hours to make.

The chalets made my eyes tear.

Dad loved his meal.

I just love cooking these types of dishes. :)


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Your Sunday dinner looks "scrummy," as the British like to say. Mrs. Shady loves to make spicy dishes and uses lots of peppers in her cooking. She makes some of her meals so hot that eating them makes my eyes water. Nevertheless I have acquired a taste for her style of cooking. We both love fish. I am going to show her your post and I'm sure she will be inspired to try it.

    Happy Monday, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Happy Monday, dear friend Shady!

      You and Mrs. Shady really should give this recipe a try! It's delectable and I would recommend it to all fish lovers. It is a Palestinian recipe and most of the recipes from that book looked really good! I do love most Middle Eastern food, however. :)

      Have a great evening!

  2. Looks lovely!! I might steal that dessert recipe.

    1. It was amazing, Mich! I am just glad everyone enjoyed the meal.

      Here is the date bar recipe: