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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shadow Box Crafting

I have tried my hand again for crafting a shadow box. I know I have talked about the signed sweatshirt Acrassicauda signed for me off and on since November. Last Saturday after work at the library, mom, dad, and I trekked to A.C. Moore so I could get a shadow box to showcase my sweatshirt. I did ask the clerk if she thought the 11x14 frame would be big enough for a sweatshirt, but she answered with: "I'm not sure. It might, but if not you can always return it." I mentioned that I don't drive and if it didn't work, I could use it for something else - crafters always find multiple uses for things!The 11x14 shadow box was on sale for $13, the bigger one was double that.

Today before work, I played around with fitting the sweatshirt into the shadow box. Shadow boxes are perfect to display flags, shirts, and jerseys. They're also easy to use:

Taking the packaging off.

Opening the shadow box.

Taking the prized sweatshirt out of the bag.

I am bummed it didn't fit.

I am in love with the sweatshirt. I realized I never took a picture of me with it.

Sadly, the sweatshirt didn't fit. :( I am going to have to get a bigger shadow box in the future. I was looking on Amazon and they do have shadow boxes for jerseys. I am not sure if jerseys are as big as sweatshirts, though.

I did find a use for the 11x14 shadow box, however! I call shadow boxes the old fashioned Pinterest - they're like a bulletin board and you can pin anything on. For now, I shadow boxed part of my adventure in Milwaukee from 2012.


  1. Glad you found a use for it and hope you get one that fits your sweat shirt soon:)

    1. Me too! I belong to a scrapbooking group on LinkedIn... maybe I'll ask there and see what they suggest.