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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Here Comes the... ...Snow

Early last week mom was alerted (on Facebook) by a friend that is a meteorologist that the Northeast was going to get a bad snow storm - a significant snow storm was brewing. Our news outlets and the Metro didn't start confirming this significant snow storm until midweek. By midweek everyone was saying that a storm bringing 12-18 inches of snow, coastal flooding for Jersey, and heavy winds will hit the Northeast corridor (D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC, and taper off in Boston) on Friday evening and go well into early Sunday morning.

Stores were mobbed on Thursday when mom and I went to Trader Joe's. That was the scene around here before the storm hit. On Friday at lunch my library boss texted me that the library would be closed for Saturday; I was a bit happy about that (even though it means no pay for the library this week) because this week at my full time job had been busy and I wanted to work on my book. I left my full time job at 3:30 PM and the skies were very gray and bleak. Even the Schuylkill River was beginning to freeze over.

You can see a little bit of the ice starting to form.

When I arrived home at 5, I was so happy to see Straight Outta Compton waiting for me. I was glad the pre-ordered DVD arrived before the blizzard. 

The snow began at 8 PM on Friday evening. Here are pictures from the beginning of the storm, yesterday's storm, and a picture of the aftermath.

Dad snowplowing our driveway yesterday morning. That is a little less than a foot of snow.

It's half my size!

Yes, Mimi, it is a very snowy Caturday.

Although we have an awning over our back porch, the winds still blew snow onto the porch.

My love struck snowman. Joyce's mom, Barb, gave me a great idea. The snow wasn't the right snow for a snowman, so Joyce and Michele put grapes and a carrot into the snow. I grabbed some Valentine's Day candy and a cheetoh, made my own on a snow pile.

Birdies were walking on our porch. So cool!

Later in the afternoon - tree is half covered.

Very windy.

My love struck snowman is completely covered!

Aftermath this morning at 8 AM.

 A lot of things are still closed today. The township didn't really plow last night because of the conditions. Today dad and I will be watching Straight Outta Compton and I will continue to work on my book. Another storm is scheduled for next week. I'm glad winter is finally here.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    These pictures taken at various stages of the snowstorm brought back many happy memories. A lot of people grumble about snow but I always enjoyed it. Winter in Florida is a big snowless letdown, but at least it's nice and cool today. Several of your pictures would make lovely greeting cards. Fresh, pristine powder snow is beautiful, isn't it? I liked the pic of Mimi keeping toasty warm by the fire.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend JM!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Thank you! Yes, people look at me like I have multiple heads when I mention I love winter and snow. I'm a cold weather person and I find snow to be absolutely gorgeous. Some argue it's because I don't drive, but I work full time now and will most likely be impacted, but I still find snow beautiful.

      I had some things to work on this morning (I'm making Valentine's Day CDs - including one for this band I follow; I will be sending them the CD, some candy, and a Valentine), but after lunch I will get outside and take some pictures.

      Have a wonderful week ahead too, dear friend!

  2. I enjoyed reading your story of the storm. Great pictures too....especially of the bird feet prints! Love those!
    I miss the snow so much. I live in Austin TX but spent my first 20 years in Niagara Falls/Buffalo. And I absolutely love storms, especially blizzards. There's an excitement in the anticipation of the storm, and then just the awe of nature as the storm unfolds. The aftermaths are also full of thrills.
    Thanks for sharing yours with us.

    How was Straight Outta Compton?? It's on my list to see.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I LOVE Straight Outta Compton! I saw it on opening night back in August and I knew I had to own the DVD. I pre-ordered it. It's 2.5 hours and it's very gripping. The movie is well made. My dad enjoyed it too.

      Thank you! Winter is my favorite season - people look at me like I am crazy, but I have always loved the snow. I have some pictures to post from yesterday. I might even post pictures from waiting for the train this afternoon - the river froze over and there is a light bed of snow over the frozen river. Beautiful.