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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thankful Thursday 12/3/2015

Today I am thankful that the sun is finally shining. For the past few days it has been non-stop rain and unseasonably warm. It has finally cooled down as well - most of you know I prefer cold weather, so I'm happy. I love winter's sun (or late autumn since winter isn't for another two weeks officially).

I was on an adventure today and loved seeing the sun shine off of the river.

On Monday my phone decided to die - it wouldn't start up and I had to get a new phone. My old phone was 3 years old, which is apparently old in smart phone world. I lost all of my contacts. I freaked out because I lost one very important one. I found the number today - I had to reactivate my personal Facebook again to get it (I quickly deactivated my personal Facebook again), but I did get it. Thankful for that at least. Now I hope I can find my SD card reader so I can get pictures off of it. Maybe it's a blessing the old phone died because I can start over with people I actually talk to. I now have a Samsung phone and it takes better pictures. I'll still use my digital camera, though, because I love my digital camera.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I've been wondering why you haven't posted anything new in nearly a week. I kept checking and the last post in my reader was published 6 days ago! Finally I went hunting for you and found that you have indeed been posting. It irks me to know that the Blogger gremlins are at it again!

    I'm glad your weather has made a turn for the better. Unfortunately the heat is on here in Florida. It's unseasonably warm and that makes it very hard to get into the spirit of the holidays.

    I'm sorry you had to go through the hassle of replacing your phone and restoring your contacts. I'm glad you were able to locate all the important ones and that you decided to drop the ones you no longer use.

    Thank you for helping me celebrate my 66th birthday. Yessum, I'm 40 years older than you. That's a scary thought! I have a new post coming tomorrow and I think you might get a laugh or two out of it. Have a great Friday and a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Just a quick reply before I'm off for the day. Hmmm... odd. I did buy a web domain and changed my URL. I still use blogger, so I would think I'd still show up in the newsfeed. My new URL is

      That's true. I know I had a few people that I stopped talking to, but I was too lazy to delete. Lost some travel contacts like hotels and such, but before I travel again... I'll just re-add them. The new phone is nice though.

      I'm glad you had a great birthday! I can't wait to see your new entries. Have a great day! Jessica

    2. Hi, Jessica! I unsubscribed from your blog and tried to re- subscribe using your new URL. It didn't work. I got a trouble message stating that no feed could be detected. I needed to re-subscribe to your old blog address to make sure I don't lose you altogether. Sorry you are having difficulties with this, dear friend!

    3. That's so odd, Shady! Thanks for letting me know; I might have to call Google since my web domain is through them. Ugh. I'm exhausted from this week, though. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. *calming down from weeding 176 paperbacks today* Hiii. A little girl gave me a sweet candy cane for remembering her name today, which is all well and good, except I didn't really, she just kept telling me who she was, and now I don't remember at all. A little Germanic blonde with pudgy cheeks and long hair. She'll probably ask me who she is next time and I'll be "...Billie Jean?" (I do remember it was masculine-ish.)

    I am eager for full-fledged winter to begin, too :)

    I also made a Somalian friend today ^_^ well, he's in California now, but the Internet brings people together in such interesting ways!

    The other fun thing is that the Matt who lives in the same apartment Hannah does invited me over last Wednesday late afternoon, and we had such a nice time that I missed the last bus home. Now he's asking me if next Tuesday at two is okay for a repeat performance. I told him I'd tell him by the end of the evening. I'm just overwhelmed right now @_@

    Has your cat been well? ^^ Mine's been especially cuddly in the cooler weather.

    1. Isn't weeding fun?! I enjoy that when I get those projects at my library job. I'm exhausted by the end of the day... like now.

      My cat's been okay - allergies have her feeling blah, but she has allergies all year round. She especially loves the cold and cuddling with us. ^_^