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Monday, December 14, 2015


Yesterday I went into the city to go to the bank and I wanted to walk around. It's been unseasonably warm here in Pennsylvania - yesterday was 72 degrees, EEEK! I don't like this weather in December; I'm a cold weather gal and I want my cold weather, dammit! Hopefully the rain will cool things down.

ANYWAY, yesterday I went into Philadelphia. It was busy and it was a bit difficult getting around. The Eagles played the Bills and when I was on the el, I met someone visiting from Seattle to see a game. He grew up in Rochester and is a Bills fan. Him and his friend; his friend's brother-in-law is the Eagle fan and the one that opened up his house for them to stay. I loved his Buffalo Bills "ugly sweater." I was shocked that he agreed to a selfie with me. Hopefully he wasn't creeped out and didn't think I was some psycho.

Sadly, the Bills lost. :( Packers won, though! And the Ravens lost too.

I went to Sweetgreen for lunch. It wasn't bad, though for me it wouldn't be a place I eat at for dinner. It's mostly soup and salad - it was very good, but I was starving by dinner. My cousin is a vegan and lives in D.C. I wanted to get her a giftcard for something she could use in D.C.. Sweetgreen is in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New York City, and Philadelphia - that was the reason why I went. I figured I'd try it. I think my cousin will enjoy it!

My lunch.

Attempt at a selfie.

Another attempt.

A young mother took these two for me,

It was a nice day out. :)

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