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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Buying Guide 2015

Tonight at sundown begins the eight day celebration of Hanukkah. Although this list might come a little late to my Jewish readers, maybe they can get some ideas for the other seven days of Hanukkah. Christmas and Kwanzaa are in two and a half weeks; time really flies by and I hope this list will help!

Small Businesses

I think small businesses are extremely important. I love supporting small websites, and local shops. I'm going to do a shameless plug for my Photography & Craft Shop, Amazon storefront (books), and Photographs and Memories of New York City. The book came in today and it looks great. I'm giving a copy to a family member. I'm proud of it.

I also love Zombie Girly's website. I've been friends with Stephanie on Instagram for a few years now and I just really love her creations. They are reasonably prices and she does an awesome job. You can visit her site here.

Janie Junebug introduced me to Michelle. I love her Accent Gem Designs and I can't wait to order some jewelry. Michelle is very talented and creates beautiful looking designs. Accent Gem Designs.

Big Box Retail

All retailers have wonderful sales going on right now. Check out their sites and soak up on all of their deals. Drones seem extremely popular again this year. My dad wants one... but right now I can't justify spending the money on one right now. I like buying pajamas, clothes, and fashions the people in my life enjoy. I don't think most can go wrong with clothes.

I also love listening to music. I still buy CDs and love making mixes. I've lately been putting songs I like on flash drives to give to people. With flash drives, people can put those songs on their iPods or MP3 players. CDs I would recommend:

Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon
Marilyn Manson's Pale Emperor
Acrassicauda's Gilgamesh (purchase here)
Third Eye Blind's new album
Twitzid's The Darkness


I love scrapbooks and photo albums. AC Moore and Michaels always has great sales on so many different craft things. I bought this album from Michaels and it's a cross between a scrapbook and photo album. It's a neat concept. I'd recommend it, especially if you want to make things:

Of course, mom & pop craft stores always have neat things too! I always recommend shopping local because those types of stores not only put food on the table for the owners, but they stimulate an economy. Check out all small stores this holiday season!


  1. All I really want for Christmas is an orange winter hat.

    I have my reasons.

    1. From Pete & Pete?

      I will expand this at the end of the week. Today I felt tired - only day I had off this week.