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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hank Was Worried Kickstarter

Last week I stumbled upon this kickstarter by a Tweet from a book shop. I was reading more about the author's mission:

Hank Was Worried" helps little ones manage their Anxiety in a new way, visually, through the the use of comforting, relatable images!

and after I read what she's trying to achieve with this book, I thought the idea was brilliant. I've always believed that most habits begin in childhood or at least rooted in childhood. I've always thought it was important for everyone to learn how to manage stress and anxiety. I was an anxious child, I'm still an anxious person, but I know I've learned over the years how to manage it somewhat. I wish I had more of Hank Was Worried techniques when I was growing up.

Will you please help me support this cause? I pledged $25 and really want to get this project funded. I think this is extremely important. Don't you?

Check out Hank Was Worried today! Please help Michelle's project so people of all ages can learn how to manage stress and anxiety. Thank you!

Copyright 2015 from Hank's Twitter


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie!

    Doggone it, I needed to go hunting for this new post of yours because my reader (scroll far down the right column of my SDMM page) still shows that your last new published post was a week ago!

    I agree that this project is a wonderful idea. I remember being tense and anxious when I was little. For one thing I was left-handed in a right-handed world and my teachers smacked my left hand with a ruler when they caught me using it for writing and drawing. Another factor that made me anxious was having parents that were at least half a generation older than my friends' parents. Another reason was a scarcity of friends because we lived close to the boundary line between school districts. My house was located near one school and yet I needed to be bused 10 times farther away to a different school because I was on the wrong side of that boundary line. I also came from a family of Democrats in a heavily Republican community. That caused friction that erupted into anger and bitterness in 1963 when JFK was assassinated and I saw school mates celebrating his death in the hallways. It's hard to believe but I saw it first hand - kids laughing that tragic day and giving each other high fives - and it still haunts me.

    I watched most of the Hank Was Worried video and realized that the program utilizes the same principles and techniques that I was taught in the est and NLP seminars in the 80s. est stands for Erhard Seminars Training and NLP is the Neuro-linguistic Programming seminars. It would have been great if a program like Hank Was Worried existed when I was a child. It would have helped me to reframe external stimuli and it would have equipped me with coping strategies and saved me a lot of grief.

    Thank you, dear friend JM!

    1. Hi Shady,

      That's so weird. I might have to call Google and see why my blog is doing that now and if it can be fixed.

      Sounds like we had similar childhoods. That's awful about your area cheering about the death of JFK. I'm a libertarian and moderate, I might not care for Obama, but I would never cheer for the man's death. I don't understand people who can cheer for the death of other people. Sometimes how different my thought processes are from other people make me anxious. Not being able to fit in makes me anxious.

      I was always taught the grounding techniques. Put both feet on the ground, close your eyes, deep breath in, deep breath out and visualize something calming.

      I hope you have a great day, dear friend Shady!