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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cedars Lebanese Restaurant

Back in August I discovered Cedars accidentally. It was after Bug Fest and I was looking for Fez Moroccan Restaurant. On my way there, I saw the men refurbishing the restaurant and I talked to a few of them for a few moments before I went into the Arabic bookshop. After I stepped out and before Fez opened, I asked them about the restaurant - they were fixing it up and it would be opened sometime in September. I told them I would stop by when they opened.

I stopped by in October and had lunch on the only day they serve lunch - Sundays. Monday through Thursday, they are opened from 4 PM until 10 PM; Fridays and Saturdays, 4 PM until 10 PM; and Sundays 1 PM - 9 PM. I had chicken, rice, and their date dessert. I fell instantly in love with the place. Everything is handmade and made to order. It's cooked just right and they're reasonably priced. The last few times I ordered different things: on Sunday I ordered lentil soup (amazing), a gyro, but I still had the maamoul (or the date pastry). I love the way the chef spices things and just the way he cooks.

The staff is really friendly too. I love chatting with the waiters and they're all very helpful. The service is relatively quick and they're attentive. Cedars is an amazing restaurant and I would recommend the restaurant. They are located on 616 S. 2nd Street in Philadelphia. They can be reached by phone for reservations: (215) 925-4950.

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