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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday 11/12/2015

I've continued with Thankful Everyday for the month of November. I feel like I'm thankful for my friends and family a lot, but maybe it's not a bad thing.

I'm thankful for Claire Marie Binkley. I'm thankful for how we used to have tea at the Lincoln Room a lot, hanging around campus, going shopping, taking me to my first Symphony and hanging out in Philadelphia. I am thankful for your ear (listening to me).
Dave Pierdomenico- remember the time we went on a little trip between classes? We went out of our comfort zones a bit, but you were a trooper. I'm still thankful about that, especially the humor on the way there since I was a bit nervous. I'm thankful for all the fun times on campus, your listening ear and just being a good friend over the years. We need to get together soon! One weekend!
Chris Pierdomenico- I'm thankful for all the time we spent around campus together, but also for you coming to almost all of the parties I've held. I appreciate you coming 45 minutes out of your way to be a part of each celebration.I also thank you for your listening and like your brother, not judging me.
Christina Gates - all the fun times I mentioned on Sunday and then some. smile emoticonWe need to hang out soon!
Mary Rachel, like Chris, I appreciate our times spent around campus and how you have attended many of my events, although you live very far away. I appreciate that. I also appreciate your advice and listening without judging. smile emoticon
Marsha! She's not on Facebook, but we met six years ago on SEPTA. I love our hang outs and how understanding she is. KJ, which he isn't added on my Wesley account and I haven't talked to him in three years... but I remember him comforting me during difficult times I had prior to 2013. I remember before my 2nd (and last) ex broke up with me in 2009, he took me out to coffee (as a friend since he saw I was hesitant) and offered me some Middle Eastern food his dad made. I appreciated how he listened and just let me cry about how things were going.
James Troxell, what can I say? I I just appreciate James in general. 
smile emoticon He's a great friend, just like all of my friends. Also Schmuel Loubeouf, good times, especially hanging out at the Lincoln Room and Everhart Park. I still love that park and we might have to go soon (one of the few places there I still feel comfortable with). Thanks with listening without judging. And althoughAndrew Spencer isn't local, I do consider him a college friend since I started talking to him while I was in college. I really appreciate our friendship and all that you've done for me.

(Here's the picture from 2009 - when we went to breakfast. What I mentioned in the preface.)

I published an article on LinkedIn: The Importance Of Knowing Yourself. It's part of my preface to As Far As The Eyes Can See - later I have to finish the rest of it, but I will finish it by handwriting since I'm about to log off after I finish this entry.

I'm thankful for these experiences, my Wisconsin trip, my trip to Memphis and meeting different musicians. I'm thankful for the friends I made in Wisconsin and befriended the one musician in Memphis. Heck, I'm even thankful for the people I met in Detroit. Detroit gets a bad rap for mean people, but I met some good people. When I first arrived, I befriended an older woman who was visiting her family. She left Detroit when her husband moved them to North Carolina, but her children and grandchildren stayed. She gave me a can of Faygo, my first time trying it. She was so friendly and I loved how she said, "Welcome to your new home, baby girl,"when we arrived in the city. She was an older black lady. Her daughter and one granddaughter were waiting for her, so she introduced me to them.  They gave me some directions to some eating places and bus stops.

My first time taking DDOT, I was a bit nervous. Some of the riders picked up on it because before I got on the bus, this one woman was trying to help me out. I mispronounced the name of the one street, confusion ensued as she was on the other line until we realized my pronunciation mistake. We laughed. She was only on the bus for five minutes and when she got off, I was nervous because she was my source of directions. One of the black men said, "Oh, you'll get off at Eight Mile. I have to get off there, you'll be fine. I can show you where to go." He was friendly about it and we talked for a bit. When we got off at Eight Mile, he pointed where the bus would pick me up to take me to the suburbs. I thanked him as I walked toward the stop. I then heard him on the phone (someone called him) say, "I'll be delayed. I got off at Eight Mile. I had to show someone directions and I wanted to make sure she was okay. I didn't want anything to happen to her." I felt very grateful in that moment.

I didn't mention this either on the LinkedIn post either, but I remember when I reached out to Acrassicauda in 2010. I just had read their book and wanted to connect with them. I found them on Facebook, requested all of the members and they accepted the request. We talked and have been friends since then. I'd like to see them at some point, especially to thank them for being great friends. Also, if they do sign the sweat shirt I ordered, I'd like to thank them for that as well. They did post this the other night:

Wesley Bear If I buy a hoodie, could you all sign it? Pretty please. smile emoticon
Acrassicauda It'll be our pleasure!

We'll see, though! I'm excited and thankful. Also, yesterday Courage the Cowardly Dog was on! That has been my favorite show since I was 12 (they took it off air when I was 14), but there was one episode I never saw and it was on yesterday. It's called "Perfect" and I like it for the following reason:

(I took this one)

What are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for Franklin and Penelope, who stay close to me. At attitude of gratitude feels good, doesn't it?


    1. Hi Janie,

      Yes, yes it does! :)


  2. For family, good friends, health, comfort, creativity and humour. It's good practice to acknowledge gratitude for sure.

    1. Definitely! Today has been another great day - I'll post it tomorrow. :)