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Friday, November 20, 2015

Thankful Friday... and Poetry

The sweatshirt I ordered from Acrassicauda and they stayed true to their word - the sweatshirt was signed! Marwan, Mo, Faisal, and Firas are such great friends - they truly are great guys. I have to get a shadowbox for the sweatshirt and the nice little letter they sent me.

I wrote this poem for my book. Please let me know what you think:

Poem #1 (I Have Received Marwan's Gift!)

I have received the letter and sweatshirt from Marwan!
I received it one week before Thanksgiving in 2015,
delivered to King of Prussia from Brooklyn in high temperatures;
I wish he would have delivered it to me himself,
instead of having Mr. Postman deliver it to my door
through the fallen leaves and freshly cut grass, done for the season.
This box holding my signed sweatshirt and his letter
traveled from the brownstone near an elementary school

(yes, I looked up the delivery address - it's near a school),
and traveled through frigid Cortland to snowy Eastern Nassau,
I'm glad that the box didn't travel through Connecticut to Canada;
where snows begin to fall around now, almost blizzard like conditions.
Though, it still would have been nice if Marwan made the travel,

serenade me with a drum solo or a song as he hands me the box.
But, one could only dream. However, maybe, when I go back to Brooklyn--
I have received the letter and sweatshirt, signed with care, from Acrassicauda!

I started compiling As Far As The Eyes Can See. I was looking through a book I put together for my mom three years ago to see which poems I could put in As Far As The Eyes Can See. Here is one I am going to put in:

The Poet

The poet sits
with quill in hand,
in the quiet corner,
his feet on firm land.

The poet writes
on the Steno pad,
submerged in water,
dreams of a wee lad.

The poet sees
sloppy words on paper,
complications of life,
clouds and butterflies taper.

The poet reads
from his beloved books,
head above the clouds,
not a singular breath took.

I wrote this one last night, but I am going to change it a bit. I want to add how people helped me, how watching everyone skate around at all skill levels was amazing. I might mention Jesus still, but I might make that experience a shorter poem itself.

Ice Skating - Dilworth Plaza

The shimmering crystals call to me,
their song pulls me under a spell today.

Every female in fabrics of cashmere--
I'm in a t-shirt and black coat to feel beautiful;
my face shines a ruby red- he tells today,

the cat calls; I wish they'd stop.
I wish pesky onlookers would bother others,
but I will ignore, pull out my cell today

for an instagram photo. I hold onto
the side as children and Jesus skate by.
Wait! Jesus?! Please do tell today!

Yet comparative religion doesn't matter
as he uses his staff as a hockey stick--
score! I shoulda been professional, he yells today.

I watch, still under the spell of ice,
how frozen water could bring people together
before the Parisian news of ripping shell today.

It's in those moments of peace, Jessica,
that kindness and laughter of winter
and not falling on ice sell today!


  1. Aww, how innocent and cute. ^^ I think there's no problem with it. (Maybe my adorable! reaction comes from escaping the dark misery of nuclear apocalypse - I'm hooked on this Metro 2034 translation, though! I've been carting it around all day and reading it in the middle of doing book sales - probably bad for concentration, but I'm fond of the story)

    1. Thanks, Claire. I was going for innocent and cute. Hopefully he doesn't think it's creepy when I send them the finished book. Probably not - I do want to meet him and the rest of the band!

      I hope you feel better. Enjoy the book and sleep tight!

  2. Hi, dear Jessica Marie!

    It was my birthday yesterday (66 EEEK!) and this weekend the celebration continues, but I wanted to break away and come over and say a quick hello to you, dear friend. I enjoy reading your poems. They always make me smile and think. The skating rink piece resonates. The rink, the ice, brings together all kinds of people. They play together and laugh together and find joy in one another. Music has the same power to united a divided world. In every person I see a potential friend.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and words with us, dear friend Jessica, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Hi dear friend Shady!

      Happy birthday! 66 years young - here's to another 66 years of being you. :)

      Thank you Shady. I think I might keep the rink piece as is. Instead of expanding upon Jesus... I might write a poem about how someone was trying to show me how to skate... and not feeling lost since there were a lot of others who didn't know how to skate either. Or some guy helping me with skates (putting them on) because I was clueless. Fun day.

      Thank you, dear friend. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend as well! I just came home from a Victorian candy making demo and after my walk I'll be uploading the pictures.