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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday 11/19/2015

Over the past year I've belonged to a pen pal group on Over the past year I've received tons of letters, gifts, and cards from people all over the world. I am thankful for the group, but I am especially thankful for Elfin Dragon. Elfin Dragon, which is the nickname Lisa goes by, is one of my good friends from the site (I have many good friends on the site). I know sometimes I can be annoying, but she's always thinking of me and sending me things.

Back in July when I was celebrating my holiday, she sent me a postcard which made me feel awesome. Today I received a package from her and I had a stuffie surprise! She knows how much I love bears and animals, so she spread the cheer. She sent me two beautiful cards with it - Season's Greetings and Diwali. Picture one is what I received today; picture two is what I received today and the beautiful card she sent me back in July.

I have a photo album and I'll be putting all letters and cards in there.  I am thankful for Lisa and all of my pen pals over the years.

Speaking of packages, tomorrow I should be receiving my package from Acrassicauda. It'll be interesting to see if they did sign the sweat shirt, but if not... I am still thankful for their friendship. I sent Marwan a card the other day to thank him for his friendship over the years. I've sent out a few cards this week to friends to express my gratitude for them.

What are you thankful for today dear readers? I hope you have a lovely Thursday! :)

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