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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ice Skating in Dilworth Plaza 11/13/2015

Last Friday when I trekked into the city, I ended my day with ice skating. I hadn't ice skated in 2015 and I wanted to give it a try. I ended up holding onto the side since I wasn't really sure how to ice skate. It was still fun, though.

I met some nice people at the rink. One helped me get on the ice because I was a bit nervous. Some guy helped get me started by pulling me a little and guiding me. Even Jesus ice skated! I've talked to him before and usually he is in your face - but he loves skating and that brought out a niceness in him. It's amazing what skating can do to people! It made everyone cheerful. Even going around the rink twice made me feel accomplished. I can't wait to ice skate some more over the course of the winter!


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie! Good for you! You got out there and gave ice skating a try even though you were shy, nervous and unsure of how to go about it. Best of all you ended up having fun, experiencing a sense of accomplishment and meeting more nice, helpful people. That's a giant rink! I tried ice skating a few times in my early teens but my ankles were weak, the rented skates didn't fit right, I got blisters and fell a lot. I wasn't much better on roller skates. Do you roller skate?

    1. Hi Shady!

      I used to roller skate and I loved it! They closed the roller skating rink in Villanova, so I haven't roller skated in 14 years. I used to be awesome at it and always had fun. I've thought about investing in a pair of roller skates to skate at the park near my house.

      It was a really nice day in general. :) I met a lot of nice people and had a great time.