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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy (belated) Halloween! I hope my dear readers that celebrate the occasion did in fact have fun celebrating! Mom's friend from high school, Darlene, had a party again this year. She invited the three of us and we went there. This was the first year that we didn't open the doors for trick-or-treaters since we went to Morgantown to celebrate Halloween with Darlene, her family, and her friends. It was so much fun! One of the best Halloweens I have had in a few years. I met a lot of nice people and everyone was just so much fun. Everyone was amazed that I still use a "real" camera instead of a cellphone. My camera and Hiro costume garnered a lot of compliments last night.

Yesterday I baked the Pillsbury sugar cookies. I usually like to make my own cookies, but this year I just didn't have the time. Pillsbury sugar cookies aren't bad and they usually have fun ones for Halloween, so I bought two packages and made them for the party. I also brought a candy platter as well.

I bought two tin foil pans.

Decorated the tin foil pans with Halloween napkins.

Took the candy from the cat and put it in one tin, cookies in another.

Our original idea for decorations to bring to Darlene's were monsters made from toilet paper rolls. You cut eyes in and then place a glow stick in them, hang on branches. Example:

With storms and frost, this wasn't feasible. Mom sent Darlene the picture of the two ghosts I made a few weeks prior, she loved them, and I made four more (plus the original two) to take to her house. I made them before we left.

Of course, the obligatory pictures before we left! On Friday night, I put one of my Halloween scarves around Baymax. I kept it on him until we arrived at the party.

Baymax is the keeper of the cat candy bowl.

When we arrived, I got to set up my ghosts. We put two in the house, the last four outside - on the tree leading to the bonfire. They looked awesome and everyone loved my ghosts, especially Darlene. Darlene thought they were cute too.

The food that was there was AMAZING. I loved the cupcake cake Darlene made. The spread and decorations were amazing too.

Black Widow Spider and Bug Spray

Best costume ever!

And the Oompa Loompas showed up!

Darlene wanted one picture of her one son and I together. Last year I loved his costume and we took a picture together and it was used as the event photo. She wanted one from this year. Here is the one from last year when I was Monoxide:

Guys from Clockwork Orange. I'm going to have to read this novel now!

Homer showed up.

As did ET!

Guy Fieri ready to take us on a tour of some local diners and dives.

Bonfire was awesome!

Baymax thought so too.

I wanted to get one picture for myself. :)

I loved their costumes too.

Selfie before I left.

It was a really fun time and everyone else enjoyed as well. The best ways to spend a holiday, in my opinion! I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween and be sure to comment if you made or did anything special. I'd love to hear about how my readers celebrated. :)


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie! Never before have I seen such a great collection of creative Halloween costumes all in one place. Everybody looked great! The decorations were equally imaginative. That tall green witch thingy out in the yard would have creeped me out big time. I enjoyed seeing the spooky snacks, too. It looks like you had a fantastic Halloween and I am very happy for you. Mrs. Shady and I enjoyed a quiet night at home watching H-ween episodes of our favorite TV shows, including The Goldbergs. I don't think you ever answered me. Do you watch that series, set in the 1980s practically in your back yard - Jenkintown, PA? If not, I think you'd enjoy it.

    1. Hi dear friend, Shady,

      To answer your question first (I might have missed it at an earlier time), I've never even heard of that show! I don't think I've ever seen it either. I might have to see if the library I work for has it or it's in the library system. I do want to check it out.

      Yes! Her Halloween parties are always fun - at least in the two years we've attended. Darlene is a sweet woman - she is one of mom's high school friends - and her whole family is welcoming. Very creative bunch of people and I felt like I fit right in. We all enjoyed ourselves. :)

  2. It's good to see you enjoyed Halloween as well as I did. The Clearbrook Road trick or treaters gave my family quite a show! I guessed closest to the accurate total: we had 81 people come to the door.

    The Philly Wrimos have their write ins in Jenkintown. I don't know where that is. *Mapquest* Oh, I recognise Cheltenham High School - that's where my cousin went! And my aunt and that family live in Wyncote. I don't know anything else.

    The most creative costume we got was a vending machine.

    Are you enjoying NaNoWriMo, too? :3 I've written 1675 words this November of a ~67k total for Verst After Verst. My ideal is to eventually make it about equivalent in length to Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago, which is ~350k or thereabouts! Basically Wo Xe is going through Siberia to get to Tel Aviv one of these days. I've written a bunch at the beginning and a bunch at the end, with less in between as of last year, so this year I am writing out the in between part. It is fun. Xe may be having less of it.

    Good night!

    1. No, I usually don't participate in NaNoWriMo - I am not a fan of writing novels. I attempt, but don't get far. I like short stories, poetry, non-fiction, travel, essay. However, this year I have other things I need to focus on - one you're very aware of. I'll be working on my poetry book - it'll be NaPoWriMo pt. II for me - but, I don't plan on getting that done until early 2016. I just want to get a majority of my poetry book done.

      Your Halloween sounded like it was a lot of fun as well! I would have loved to have seen that vending machine costume. I love creative costumes, especially if they're homemade.


  3. Hello Jessica Marie,

    Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. Your photos are lovely and it looks like such a great time! I love what you did with the tin foil pans! Very attractive and creative. :)

    1. Hi Linda,

      Warm greetings to you in Montreal from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in the US!Thank you! Halloween is my favorite time of year and I love the crafting. I love autumn in general, though.