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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spooky Hauntings: All In Your Brain at the Franklin Institute (and around Philadelphia)

During the weekends I love going into the city to use my bus pass and to get some exercise. Last weekend (and throughout this week - though with work I can't attend the festivities during the week and that's okay with me) there were Halloween festivities throughout the city. Halloween is my favorite time of year and I wanted to check some out.

Halloween festivities didn't start at the Academy of Natural Sciences (member of that) until Sunday; I decided I'd check out the Franklin Institute. It had been two years since I was last there and I wanted to see it again. I'm glad I did because Fels Planetarium had something for Halloween before the constellation show began. The faces were cool.

As the pumpkins began to fade out for the constellation show, they became sinister and creepy looking. The narrator said, "BOO" and it scared some of the young children - their mothers had to remove themselves. The show then began and it was just so awesome. I love astronomy - I love watching the stars and planets. It lasted an hour.

The rest of the time I explored the Gigantic Heart, the new brain exhibit (opened last year), and their brand new sports exhibit (opened that Saturday). I had a lot of fun and it exhausted me a bit. I actually just applied for (I'm assuming) full time position at the Franklin Institute. It is a great museum, along with the Academy of Natural Sciences and a lot of the Philadelphia museums.

Magnet exhibit.

I built a car to race it - we put in an egg and the objective was not to break the egg in the race.

Mine won!

Skeleton view of me taking a photo. Brain exhibit.

I'm climbing the neurons of the brain.

Me playing baseball in the new sports exhibit. I didn't do too badly and it reminded me of childhood memories. In grade school, the gym teacher said I was a natural with baseball and I should tryout for softball. I never did, but I loved playing baseball in gym class. Funny, I don't like watching my Tigers, Orioles, or Brewers on TV (if they ever air in the Philadelphia area), but I love watching a game live. Thanks for those memories, Frankin Institute!

After I left the Franklin Institute, I went to Urban Outfitters to return a dress. After I returned the dress, I decided to go to Rittenhouse Square before I went back to Cedars. I'm glad I did because an anime convention was there, they were kicked out because they didn't have the right permit and had to go elsewhere. Some let me snap their pictures and I sent it to them.

From there, I took the bus to Penn's Landing and would walk to South Street. As I walked to South Street, someone was walking their cat. I started talking to her - she was really nice. She said the cat's name was Claudia and she loved to be walked on a leash. The woman allowed me to take photographs of Claudia. How cute! Claudia was just awesome!

I then went to Cedars and had dinner. I loved what I had for lunch a few Sundays ago and I wanted to try their dinners. I also wanted to see that waiter again. This time around I had lemon herb grilled chicken with mango juice.  For dessert I had the date mamoul again and Lebanese coffee.

I did something out of character. The waiter bought me something again and on the check I left him my e-mail. I send message me some time. Never did hear from him, but that's okay... since it was out of character for me and honestly, I rather keep the talking to the restaurant. It was a nice gesture and I'm thankful. When I left, I was blushing and felt really warm.

Before I headed home, this sunset along Penn's Landing was so beautiful. It was breathtaking.

As I was waiting for the el, there was a family visiting from Dallas. Their daughter was beginning at Villanova University and they were excited about being in the area. They had someone take their picture in the el station. I asked them to take my picture for my book. They did on the polaroid, they were amazed the polaroids were amazed, then they inquired about my book. I told them, they asked my author name, I told them, and they will be keeping an eye out for my book. How cool is that?


  1. Heidi ho, dear Jessica Marie! The Franklin Institute looks like a fun and very educational experience. I love astronomy, too, and I'm pretty sure I visited the Franklin and the Fels Planetarium in my youth on a scouting trip to Philly. Those science exhibits are super cool! You list the Tigers, Orioles and Brewers as favorite baseball teams. And then there are your football faves, the Wisconsin Cheese Heads. Don't you like any of Philadelphia's professional sports teams? :) Claudia the cat is large and gorgeous! I would love to dine at a place like Cedars. That's my kind of cuisine!

    Happy H-ween, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Hi Shady,

      Nah, not a fan of any of the Philadelphia sports teams. Neither is my dad. He's a Ravens fan. :) Football is mainly my sport, I love seeing baseball live. I'm not a fan of basketball and I do want to get back into hockey. Growing up, I was a New York Rangers fan - the exchange student Nan housed really loved them and we watched their games all the time. Ah, I love those memories - I should start writing about them again.

      The Franklin Institute is AMAZING! I love how it's fun for all ages as well. It was very crowded that day, but still tons of fun. Yes, Claudia was huge and gorgeous. She was also very friendly, she let me pet her and actually enjoyed the attention. Cedars is good and it's not expensive either - I really like that about them!

      Happy Halloween too, dear friend Shady! After work today I am going to get ready for the Halloween party mom's friend is having on Saturday. Should be fun! :)

  2. Well, you've been a busy young lady! I think the sinister jack o'lanterns would frighten me. Willy Dunne Wooters would probably take me out as I sobbed on his shoulder. I know it's out of character for you, but I don't think you should give your email address to a stranger. Just because you've seen him more than once doesn't mean you know him. Please be careful, sweetie.


    1. Hi Janie,

      The first time I went to the restaurant and he bought me dessert, I posted our selfie on Instagram. One of my old friends said, "you should have gotten his number since that was awfully nice of him to buy you dessert! You shouldn't have just thanked him." When he did it again, what my friend said played in my head, and I felt awkward (who knows if what I wrote was legible or if he saw it). As I wrote in my note to you yesterday, I should do what is best for me, not best for others because this is my life I have to live. Me writing and telling him "شكراً جداً" (thank you very much) would have sufficed like the first time. What I did could have waited until I knew him more.

      Fortunately nothing happened, either from him not seeing it or for whatever reason, and I feel thankful. Last year when I saw Twiztid I met someone at the concert. He was whining that he wanted a t-shirt, but started a job and wasn't paid yet. I was in a good mood and did something kind. He asked for my number so he could Western Union my money. I've never used Western Union before, so I gave him my number. BIG MISTAKE! He didn't live in this area - he lived several hours away fortunately, but he became a stalker. I had to block him from my phone. He eventually got the message... but it was creepy. $25 wasn't worth getting stalked. That's why I never do that anymore... a lot of crazy people out there.

      I like keeping busy. :) Since I've been working on my book, I've been going to places to get inspiration. I've decided to put off the release date for my book until some time in 2016. Maybe March. It's 3-5 months later... but I want to take my time with my book.