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Friday, October 16, 2015

Philadelphia Polaroid Adventures (10/11/2015)

Last Sunday I went into Philadelphia and on the way there, I realized I forgot my digital camera. I didn't want dad to turn around from the High Speed Station in King Manor, so I thought I always wanted a Polaroid and when I arrive at the Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia, I'd get a polaroid. I'm glad I did - they were on sale for $65. This is mainly going to be a picture blog. :)

After I bought the polaroid camera, I walked to Rittenhouse Square and took a picture of Sarge, this really neat looking dog. I've seen him before and snapped pictures of him with my digital camera. His owner was really nice and friendly, he let me experiment with my polaroid by letting me take two pictures of Sarge (he was nice back in August when he let me snap tons of pictures with my digital camera). I noticed that if the polaroid has a lot of sun, it's washed out. It's totally dark when there isn't enough light present (I have to read instructions tonight - I have been busy this week and I didn't have the time... tomorrow night is dad's surprise 60th party and I'll be bringing it along with my digital camera).

I didn't scan the bleached picture of Sarge... but you can see the bleach here of the City Hall skyline.

Then I went to FYE and bought Lana Del Rey's new album and The Sheherazade on CD. Both are great and I will have to do a review of Lana's new album at some point. Then I decided to take the subway to Lombard/South and walk to Cedars. It was 12 blocks (walk) and on my way there I stopped at the Magic Gardens. I took polaroid and cellphone pictures:

Magic Garden owner and me.

I want to go back when I have my digital camera. It was only $7... but amazing. I'm going to write a poem later about how hard it was walking on glass - I was afraid of breaking the floor!

Cedars was AMAZING! As I mentioned on Thankful Thursday,  the waiter treated me to awesome dessert. The meal itself was amazing and I loved talking with Deos. I can't wait to go back to try other things and chat with him some more. I wrote a poem about my experience. It'll be for my book and I might write some more. :)

Yes, I am posting this picture again. I still smile about this. :)

Villanelle of a Lebanese Restaurant On South Street

With dim lights and warm arrays, 
outside I see people mill about, 
yet the waiter's bright smile sways. 

As the Packers game plays 
and Arabic music shouts; 
with dim lights and warm arrays. 

Order the Lebanese cuisine displayed, 
he suggests replacements to what's out; 
outside I see people mill about. 

Why is it we meet today, 
to talk about football and travels tout? 
With dim lights and warm arrays. 

We laugh as the manager yells and says, 
"get out of dream land," in Arabic pouts; 
outside I see people mill about. 

Yet you surprise me with a dessert of dates, 
a hug, a selfie, that's what adventure's about. 
With dim lights and warm arrays, 
outside I see people mill about. 

Then I went to Old City Fest and it was pretty interesting. I got to listen to opera singers - they belonged to a group called Opera On Tap - they're young singers that travel to show other young folks that opera isn't totally high brow and anyone can enjoy it.

I ended my day at the Philosophical Society's courtyard for a little showing of a Mastadon. I love that courtyard too. :)

Things I bought. :)


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie! My goodness, you keep a busy social calendar! I am out of breath just from reading about all your adventures. :) I enjoyed the pictures of all the spots you visited and your poem about your exciting experience at Cedars. I'm happy to know you located those two CDs and enjoy them. I had a collection of nicely crafted plastic dinosaurs at the age of five and have always been fascinated by prehistoric beasts. I would like to see that Mastodon skeleton up close and personal.

    I wish you a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Hi Shady,

      I try! It breaks up the writing a bit and it gets me exercise. That's why I go to Philadelphia a lot - it gets me moving by walking more! :) I uploaded those CDs to my iTunes library and have to update my iPod. I'm slowly downloading music too. I bought Cinderella's Nobody's Fool and some Cure.

      You would have loved it! I think it's there for another year? Or at least until April.

      Thanks, Shady, you too! Today is dad's birthday party (blog party early today), then just working on my book, filling out insurance information, and planning my trip to Toronto. I have three personal days to use at my new job before I lose them on 12-31-15 and I'm planning a long weekend to Toronto. How crazy, right? Get a job and have to take three personal days. HAHA.