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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hiro Costume

Although there are 6 days until Halloween (YAY!), I decided to try on my costume today instead of on the day of because if things need to be done, I'd be out of luck. I always like to try on things the week before an event because there is time to fix things if need be.

I bought concealer today because I want to hide my freckles. As I've said before, I like to get Halloween costumes that I can either use again or wear all year round. I'm not a big makeup person,but I do wear it on occasions and I know there are times where I do need concealer (ugh, breakouts!). We went to Boscov's and I went to the makeup counter and as I was looking, one of the counter women approached me. I told her what I was looking for and explained the costume. I told her I was looking at the bronzer because I want to be a little darker, but it would still look good on me - I do like to wear things all year round. I told her I never wore bronzer. She helped me, we tried on a few different things and I settled with one shade that is definitely the colour of Hiro, but also looks good on me.

With that said, I know Hiro is a guy, but I will be wearing mascara and purple eye shadow. Hiro has pronounced eye lashes, so I want my long eye lashes to stand out. When Hiro is in super hero form, he wears a purple costume. I'm going to wear my favorite purple Urban Decay eye shadow. What's Halloween without makeup?

A few weeks ago when Boscov's was having a huge sale, I bought a pair of baggy guy jeans for $10. I wasn't sure of my size and the clerk told me to go to the suit department and the clerks there would measure me for my size in guy's pants. It felt a bit odd getting measured for men's sizes, but the clerk was happy to measure me. I went back and bought the pants - they are comfortable.

I think my costume looks good. The sun is bright today, so the pictures aren't the best - I will get better ones next week for Halloween. I'll be bringing my camera to the Halloween party. So excited! And the best part about this is, I can wear most of these things throughout the year and I can be Hiro again next year.

Everything involved with my costume.

Obligatory garden pictures - the sun wasn't my friend.

Closeup of my makeup.

I can't get over this wig.

What do you think? Maybe next year I should go to a cosplay convention. ^_^  Though, would Big Hero 6 count as cosplay?


  1. Great costume and you've put a lot of work into it. Love the wig.

    1. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to next week's party. :)

  2. Big Hero 6 would definitely count as cosplay. Love the wig.

    1. Thank you! Maybe at some point I'll go to a cosplay convention. :)

  3. Sending all kinds of positive energy your way.