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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday 10/29/2015

This week was full of ups and downs - the week started out really badly and those of you close to me know why. I had to postpone my Toronto trip; they gave me credit to use until November 2016. I was bummed out at first, but then I thought that maybe this is a good thing - I can go at a nicer time when I don't have to worry about weather potentially cancelling the trip. I could go for a longer date at another time as well.

Although this week began horribly, I am thankful for the changes this week. I think it is for the best and I'm thankful for all of my friends and family during this time.

Today two Monarchs emerged from their chrysallises. Today was unseasonably warm - 70 degrees - but, the temperatures are now dropping. We released them and one flew away, not sure about the others. We still have three others to change over, but since the weather is getting cooler, we're not sure if they'll go to Mexico. Still, I'm thankful for the experience over the past 2.5 months, seeing the beauty of transformation, and just the lessons. I look forward to raising them again next year.

Halloween is two days away and the neighborhood is really transforming. This is my favorite time of year and I love capturing pictures.

Love this mailbox cover.

These four ghosts are ready for cheese clothing - I will be applying the cheese cloth on Saturday (after I put the glow sticks in them) to take to the Halloween party mom, dad, and I are going to. I'm really excited for Halloween and thankful that mom's friend also invited me to the party. It was fun last year.

Also, a little Throwback Thursday fun for Halloween. The first photo is from 2010 when I was Charlie Brown's ghost. The next two are from 2011 when I was Clay Matthews.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spooky Hauntings: All In Your Brain at the Franklin Institute (and around Philadelphia)

During the weekends I love going into the city to use my bus pass and to get some exercise. Last weekend (and throughout this week - though with work I can't attend the festivities during the week and that's okay with me) there were Halloween festivities throughout the city. Halloween is my favorite time of year and I wanted to check some out.

Halloween festivities didn't start at the Academy of Natural Sciences (member of that) until Sunday; I decided I'd check out the Franklin Institute. It had been two years since I was last there and I wanted to see it again. I'm glad I did because Fels Planetarium had something for Halloween before the constellation show began. The faces were cool.

As the pumpkins began to fade out for the constellation show, they became sinister and creepy looking. The narrator said, "BOO" and it scared some of the young children - their mothers had to remove themselves. The show then began and it was just so awesome. I love astronomy - I love watching the stars and planets. It lasted an hour.

The rest of the time I explored the Gigantic Heart, the new brain exhibit (opened last year), and their brand new sports exhibit (opened that Saturday). I had a lot of fun and it exhausted me a bit. I actually just applied for (I'm assuming) full time position at the Franklin Institute. It is a great museum, along with the Academy of Natural Sciences and a lot of the Philadelphia museums.

Magnet exhibit.

I built a car to race it - we put in an egg and the objective was not to break the egg in the race.

Mine won!

Skeleton view of me taking a photo. Brain exhibit.

I'm climbing the neurons of the brain.

Me playing baseball in the new sports exhibit. I didn't do too badly and it reminded me of childhood memories. In grade school, the gym teacher said I was a natural with baseball and I should tryout for softball. I never did, but I loved playing baseball in gym class. Funny, I don't like watching my Tigers, Orioles, or Brewers on TV (if they ever air in the Philadelphia area), but I love watching a game live. Thanks for those memories, Frankin Institute!

After I left the Franklin Institute, I went to Urban Outfitters to return a dress. After I returned the dress, I decided to go to Rittenhouse Square before I went back to Cedars. I'm glad I did because an anime convention was there, they were kicked out because they didn't have the right permit and had to go elsewhere. Some let me snap their pictures and I sent it to them.

From there, I took the bus to Penn's Landing and would walk to South Street. As I walked to South Street, someone was walking their cat. I started talking to her - she was really nice. She said the cat's name was Claudia and she loved to be walked on a leash. The woman allowed me to take photographs of Claudia. How cute! Claudia was just awesome!

I then went to Cedars and had dinner. I loved what I had for lunch a few Sundays ago and I wanted to try their dinners. I also wanted to see that waiter again. This time around I had lemon herb grilled chicken with mango juice.  For dessert I had the date mamoul again and Lebanese coffee.

I did something out of character. The waiter bought me something again and on the check I left him my e-mail. I send message me some time. Never did hear from him, but that's okay... since it was out of character for me and honestly, I rather keep the talking to the restaurant. It was a nice gesture and I'm thankful. When I left, I was blushing and felt really warm.

Before I headed home, this sunset along Penn's Landing was so beautiful. It was breathtaking.

As I was waiting for the el, there was a family visiting from Dallas. Their daughter was beginning at Villanova University and they were excited about being in the area. They had someone take their picture in the el station. I asked them to take my picture for my book. They did on the polaroid, they were amazed the polaroids were amazed, then they inquired about my book. I told them, they asked my author name, I told them, and they will be keeping an eye out for my book. How cool is that?