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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (9/7/2015-9/12/2015)

Good morning everyone! Sorry this is a day late - between Mushroom Festival activities in Kennett Square, then taking a Zyrtec for my allergies last night, I was tired. I have decided to wait until this morning and post before I head into Philadelphia for a bit.

It's been an interesting week. I can't believe how fast this summer went and Labor Day was on Monday. The weather in Philadelphia apparently didn't get the memo as it was sweltering (it was fun hanging out in the Curtis Center and Museum of American Jewish History on Tuesday, though. Then the library the rest of the week), but now it has cooled from monsoon like rains. I look forward to the autumn.

With that said, I am taking the seasonal hiatus. The first day of autumn is on September 23. I'll be back on October 3. I'll be posting entries in between this break - I still have to write about the Curtis Center's Dream Center (I'll post it either tomorrow on Tuesday) and of course the Mushroom Festival! You'll still get your weekly dose of Thankful Thursday as well. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 8

A tease from the Dream Garden located inside the Curtis Center.

My attempt at a selfie at the Lyle, Lyle Crocodile exhibit. You can view the entry here.

Wednesday, August 9

YAY! They had this book at the library!

The chrysalises have been in chrysalis form for a week now. Should be a few more day!

Thursday, August 10

My checks came. I don't drink anymore, so maybe I'll order the wine and give the wine as gifts.
Nice gesture, though! I'm happy with my checks!

This is what my check looks like. This is the image I used. The bear was cut off, though, so it is just the top half of Baymax saying, "Hello, I am Baymax." Love that robot!

I was playing around with the settings on my DSLR camera. 
I found the setting to slow the speed. I love how I captured the drops.

Friday, September 11

I told the children's department about the exhibit at the MAJH and they made a Lyle display using my photos. I love this. I do hope children do find an interest and go. I would recommend it here too.

I heard back from my former Arabic professor! I have to reply.
I've been thinking of goals I want to accomplish after I sign up for lessons.
(She does refer to that, right? I was so excited and hope I didn't misread).
I do want to learn how to speak better, but I want to communicate via stories. Like my feelings book I have written for children or beginning speakers. This one is still my favorite illustration:

First time illustrating in paint! This is the feeling regret. The smiley is saying "I'm sorry."

Saturday, September 12

Elk sandwich! We went to this place called Half Moon Saloon before the mushroom festival. They have exotic meats like camel (I want to try), rabbit (LOVE rabbit), bison, and elk. The elk was good!

Loved this hat, but didn't buy one.

Afterwards we visited my aunt and uncle's home. Felix is awesome and so laid back!
Happy Caturday!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you had a wonderful week and you have a wonderful few weeks. I look forward to returning on October 3rd! ~Jessica


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie! Happy Caturday on Sunday! :) I'm glad you got some cooling rain up there. In the coming weeks, I hope you get a chance to head up to the Poconos or some other rural area and enjoy nature's splendor - the colored leaves. I hope that a freak cold snap doesn't come along and ruin this year's foliage display.

    That Kennett Square Mushroom Festival looks like something Mrs. Shady and I would enjoy. We both love mushrooms and she makes liberal use of them in her meal recipes. I don't have a taste for game meat. I ate rabbit as a child only because my dad and big brother were hunters and brought their kills back for my mom to prepare for dinner. I remember biting into shot that hadn't been removed from the meat - not pleasant. I have never eaten camel, bison or elk.

    I wish you success with your latest crop of chrysalises and I hope your kitty kat is responding to the meds.

    Have a great day and week, dear friend Jessica Marie!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Happy belated Caturday to you as well! Miss Mimi is responding well to the treatment and she's doing very well. She usually does very well when she's on medicine. Our little problem child, but we love her. :)

      Ewww to bullet casing. I can't imagine that being pleasant. I think wild game is probably an acquired taste;I don't mind it usually. I just don't like lamb and I don't eat pork anymore. I do like alligator, though!

      You and Mrs. Shady would totally enjoy the Mushroom Festival! Dad is working overtime tonight; mom and I are having a vegetarian meal: stuffed zucchini and homemade mushroom soup. Yum, yum! I love mushrooms, especially mushroom soup! Porcini lasagna from Trader Joe's is really good too!

      Thank you! I hope you have a great week too, dear friend Shady!

    2. I love vegetarian meals and would love to taste stuffed zucchini and homemade mushroom soup. What a great dinner for a nippy northern night!

    3. Yes! It's 68 now and I think it's supposed to be in the low 50s tonight. I LOVE this weather! I might have to make some hot green tea. I wish I bought apple cider today; I could have warmed it. :(

  2. Enjoy your hiatus:) We'll be here when you get back.

    1. Thank you, Sandra! At the change of the season, I always take a two week break. I love changing seasons and it gives me ideas for new materials. :)