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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: Summer 2015 Edition

I can't believe it is already Labor Day weekend! This summer went by really quickly, but I am looking forward to the autumn. It has been a very hot and humid summer; I look forward to cooler weather. Yes, I am a winter girl at heart, although my birthday is July 4.

I am already starting to work on my yearly newsletter that I went to send out at the end of December. I didn't even think of doing this for Memorial Day weekend for the spring, but I figured doing something now might make compiling the newsletter easier. For this blog I will be starting on Memorial Day weekend and concluding the blog for this weekend. From Memorial Day 2015 until Labor Day 2015, my life has been busy and for the most part good. There have been some sad moments, but I overall enjoyed this summer.


I bought a Baymax plushie. I LOVE Baymax.

Went clothes shopping.

Also did some yard work for a member of the senior center. Her yard was a mess. I cut myself pretty badly too, still have the scar. She was angry because I charged her $10 for two hours. I never did work for her again.

This year I bought a bikini. When Hot Topic was having a Hot Cash sale in April, I saw this bikini and thought "why not?" I haven't worn a bikini in 15 years. Even before medications and thyroid disease, even when I was super skinny, I never wore a bikini. I lost a lot of weight and was proud. I tried it on and for the most part it fit. I will only wear it at my uncle's pool, although I was self conscious about it at first. I thought, "Why? I should wear it with confidence. I might not be the most thin person, or the most beautiful, but I am proud of my body and what I have achieved." Still, I probably wouldn't wear it in front of guys not in the family (my guy cousins have seen me in it) - I'm modest like that.

I'm a water bug. I love the water and being in the water. I'm thankful for my uncle and aunt opening up their pool to me. I've had much fun this summer swimming. When I was given a FitBit for my birthday, I wasn't aware how many calories swimming burns! It's my favorite thing and it's healthy for me too!

On April 20, I started working at the Upper Merion Senior Service Center. I used to go there all the time with Nan and the office knew me well. They knew I was struggling finding work and they created a temporary job for me. I loved getting to know some members I didn't know through Nan or my great grandma, and I loved seeing Nan's old friends. I will admit it was sad hearing, "Oh, you're Evelyn's granddaughter! I bet you miss her a lot too.We miss her so much." Yeah, yeah, I do. I just smiled and said, "Yes. I miss her a lot."

There were some rough moments in the office, but I loved interacting with the members. I will confirm it now, I was let go on August 24 because of budget cuts. Given how things were going, I'm relieved. I have been interviewing and waiting to hear back from some prospects.

Bouquet I was given for administrative assistant's day.

Each month I folded, labeled, and mailed 600 of these suckers (newsletters).

One of the seniors took this of me. I was taking pictures of their sing along.

Selling tea and picnic tickets.

Ernestine! I loved Ernestine! She is such a sweet lady!

Geneva as well. I've known her since I was a teenager. We used to have book discussions together all the time.

I made lavender cookies for the party. Here it is with other cookies and fruit

Our tea party on June 19, 2015. I was supposed to have a guest come with me. One of my cousin's friends texted me about coming. I asked him three times before I bought the ticket if he was still interested. He said yes. He canceled last minute. I was so angry, but it made me realize that these type of people aren't worth the energy. In the past, it would have bothered me for a long time (as it has, Andrew knows this full well), but I just let it go. I will never let something bother me that much again. I had a great time at the tea party and I sat with a group of lovely ladies. I loved talking and socializing with them.

The next week, we had a picnic. It wasn't as much of a big to-do as the tea:

Then I also worked at the library. Last week I celebrated my 9th anniversary. I started working there on August 28, 2006. The library has been busy this summer with summer reading, but I also taught a scrapbooking class. Everyone that was in attendance, loved my class. In December, I will be teaching a card making class.

One of my students took this picture of me with my camera.

Then she took a selfie. She was a super sweet girl.

This summer I caught up with some friends. I will admit this one took place before Memorial Day, but it was so fun. On May 8, I caught up with Dave. Dave lives in Staten Island, but I met him in Wisconsin. We were on vacation at the same time and the shuttle driver in Green Bay introduced us. I was traveling alone and the driver screened them. She introduced me to Dave and his friend Rich. Apparently after Green Bay, they had plans in Milwaukee as well because when I was in Milwaukee, I ran into them again. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch. It had been two years since I had last seen Dave and I was excited to see him again. I'm not a Phillies fan or a Mets fan, but he is a HUGE Mets fan and wanted me to come.

Before I met up with him, I got pierced:

My piercer posted it on his Instagram.

I also met up with Claire in June to celebrate our birthdays. I brought Baymax and Wesley Bear along. We had such a blast shopping at the Exton Mall, then going to the Chester County Library. I became a card holder of CCL. I applied for some jobs there and I was hoping by showing my face, it would work in my favor.

And in August, I met up with Marsha.  Another fun day out!

Chat with Andrew.

Grady's birthday.

Baymax is the best robot ever! We went on many adventures together through Philadelphia and New York City. I can't wait to take him to other places!


NJ Transit...

When I wasn't working, I was going on adventures. I went to New York City for my 26th birthday... though it was the day before.

Then we also went to The Turkey Hill Experience:

Academy of Natural Sciences:

Megabad Movie Night (Academy of Natural Sciences: May 21)

Pennypacker Mills

Mutter Museum:


Third Eye Blind performance at FYE.

This is the first summer where I actually saw more than one movie in the theatre. I usually avoid theatres because of prices and since I work for a library, I can rent DVDs for free. I'm really pleased with the three movies I saw and I will be getting them all when they come on DVD (Inside Out is being released soon to DVD).

Minions and Minions smoothie!

I was crushing on Moe from April until August 21. We still talk... though not as much. I feel like summer crushes are obligatory because there are so many songs about them!

Moe is my Canadian friend. We "met" on a forum back in late 2010 and became friends via Facebook. We talked off and on, but then when I deactivated my Facebook in June 2014, I lost touch with Moe. In mid-April 2015, he posted a picture on Instagam. I sent him a DM and he said to install WhatsApp, we'd catch up. And we did. 

By August, I was frustrated with things. He made me feel angry because in his introverted nature, he would never respond at times. It annoyed me. I'm introverted, but I still let people know I'm listening if I have nothing to say so they don't think I am ignoring them. He didn't do that. I deleted WhatsApp.

This year I participated in my library's book discussions. First time in five years and it was fun. I might join the fall one, but we'll see what time allows. Might wait until spring.

As you know, we've been raising caterpillars. One of the caterpillars from the second round of raising has turned into a chrysalis. This is truly amazing.


Summer Solstice Aurora Borealis.

There's a lot of pictures I haven't posted, but to save space, I'm not posting them all. I had a very busy summer. I hope you all had a good summer as well!


  1. I'll come back when there's not a loud thrumming noise ruining my concentration, Jessica! This is abnormal. (It may be only in my head. I have no idea.)

    Congratulations on finally getting this up. It's been on you for a while.

    Good night.

    1. Okay! I hope the loud thumping noise wasn't anything serious!

      I just ended up going to bed. Will work on poetry now.

      Good morning!

    2. It is most likely only in my head, for it has not left yet, and I have been trying. People at the Exton Elementary library (where I had worked since the last comment) have been claiming I'm so calm, peaceful and happy. It is a façade.

      Ugh... *rubs head* This has been keeping me from meeting with friends this whole week. Maybe I will go to the doctor to discuss the best move from here. I don't think I should try to go to my primary care physician, since it seems neurologically based.
      I'm antsy about piling on painkillers since my liver is already mincemeat from the other medication...

    3. I hope it's nothing serious and you feel better...

    4. I could let you know next time I see the neurologist. Walking walks only seems to make me tired, not really do anything to the head throb.

      Good night.

    5. Yeah, walks do that. Night night.

  2. Hi, dear Jessica Marie! This was a wonderful recap of your summer activities and travels. These highlights remind me how much I admire you for your diversity of interests and the many skills you have developed. I like the way you are always learning and teaching. I like the way you bite into life and just go for it without holding back. You and I haven't been friends very long and yet this post allowed me to recall quite a few of the places you traveled this summer, your meet-ups with friends, your hobbies, your leisure activities and your jobs.

    I am very happy that we "met" on Susie's blog after you complimented me on my humor and that we decided to follow each other. Ours will continue to be a rewarding friendship.

    I hope your Labor Day weekend is going splendidly, dear friend Jessica Marie. I look forward to connecting with you again soon!

    1. Hi Dear Shady!

      I just realized I forgot to post the Pennypacker Mills pictures! I will go back and edit this entry to include them. I never realized how much I did this summer between working two jobs and traveling, until I put blog together! I look forward to seeing what happens in the Autumn! I feel good things will happen!

      Today before the party at my aunt's, I have to work on my travel book. Yesterday I finished an Arabic children's book, but now I have to find a place to self publish a baby board book. I might have to make an entry about the illustrations because I think it might end up being a book for adult beginners of Arabic.

      I'm glad we "met" on Susie's blog as well! I just love your humor and had to follow you! Your comments always make me chuckle. I agree!

      It is, Shady, I'm just relaxing and working on books. Today I will do some room cleaning. I hope your Labor Day weekend is going splendidly as well.

  3. You have had a good many exciting adventures. Those black and white Brooklyn Bridge shots are excellent.

    I'm a huge Beatles fan. And yet, I never made it to Strawberry Fields when I lived in New York. Perhaps next time...

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping I will have a full time job in the fall. I have one job pending right now that is okay with me keeping the library since it's only 10 hours and VERY flexible. Once I find out if I have the job, I'm going to order the ticket to see Twiztid in Philadelphia on October 21. I saw them last year and it was great. I would also love to go to Boston or D.C. Maybe if time allows I'll go to D.C. My cousin attends American University. If not in the fall, Spring!

      I would recommend Strawberry Fields! It was awesome. The travel book said it's gorgeous in the spring and fall; maybe that's what I can do in the fall. NYC is an easy day trip! I would also love to visit the U.N. It was closed on the third when I went.