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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday 9/17/2015

أهلا وسهلا!

مرحباَ! Welcome and hello. Today is Thursday, which means it's Thankful Thursday! As you can tell by my Arabic greeting, I have something to be thankful in regards to that. I was chatting with Hanan last Saturday and I said, "I wish I had more people to chat with in Arabic. Usually my friends are so busy." Well, Monday my wish was granted. My friend, who used to be my ex-boyfriend's father's translator from his Army days, texted me. Yes, I still keep in touch with the translator (don't keep in touch with the ex for various reasons, but I became friends with the translator). He lives in the outskirts of San Francisco now and is usually busy with work. Anyway, he texted me and it turned into a two hour conversation in Arabic. I did well, I only had to consult my dictionary a few times. I feel proud of myself and he did comment I did very well. I feel thankful that he took the time to chat with me and was patient with me. I feel thankful in general that he still talks to me and has helped me over the years.

I'm also thankful for my LinkedIn connection to Carol Christen and Richard (Dick) Bolles. Mr. Bolles is the author of What Color Is Your Parachute and Carol Christen writes the teen version. Carol sent me the teen version and I've been reading it. I've been taking Carol's suggestion of when I'm off and when I'm on my adventures, see the businesses and business parks on the bus routes. Yesterday I had to go into Philadelphia for something and that's what I did. I took down some business names and I also went into FYE because I saw they're hiring for a full time manager. I inquired and the clerk said, "Just apply online. With your library background and degree, I'm sure you would be okay. Good luck!" I've always loved FYE and I want to give it a try. Assistant Manager. I want to thank Carol for all of her help and I want to thank Mr. Bolles for his continued publishing of Parachute books. Some of the exercises, even some of the exercises in Carol's book will be published in my forward for my book - they're helpful and helped remind me of some great things I've accomplished!

After the canvassing and before my appointment, I went into the Academy of Natural Sciences. I'm a member; I get in free. I'm grateful for the museums in the city and that is one cool museum I'm grateful for. I love writing in there, but also exploring and learning new things. I loved the butterflies I saw yesterday and the rabbit: a lop eared bunny named Jessica. She was awesome!

I went to Insomnia Cookies before I went to the ANS. First time there - not bad.

No rest for the wicked. :D I am writing poetry for my book. Looks like the Pandas are judging me too. Man, they're the harshest critics!

Then I went to Devil's Den on 11th and Ellsworth for dinner after my appointment.
I don't eat pork anymore and since my parents were having ribs, I ate out. Chicken sandwich with Shirley Temple. GOOD! I love that place!

While I was out mom sent me a text that the first monarch emerged! This batch of monarchs will be flying to Mexico and I will be expecting postcards! :D

This morning the second one emerged and while I was at work, the third one emerged. Mom said when she was releasing them, one butterfly hung out with her for a bit. The monarch rested on her blouse. The pictures I'm sharing are from this morning. Mimi was eyeing the monarch intently. I tried editing the picture since the sun bleached out part of Mimi. This has just been a beautiful experience!

What are you thankful for today?

I will return on Saturday. Tomorrow night I'm going to the Academy of Natural Sciences's Member's Night. I'm so excited! Before I venture off, I want to leave you with a blog explaining the meaning behind أهلا وسهلا (welcome). I think it was neat: Arabglot


  1. I am thankful little things seem to be adding together to make life work out all right in the end, despite the little annoyances here and there. :3

    I think the only person who has complimented my Russian is my first Russian teacher, who will praise everything if it's semi-correct. Everyone else has commented I have a strong Chinese accent. *innocent*
    Only stay there short time! T_T No one like my zdwavt-wee-tay. Or they correct me after I say it. "Did you mean здравствуйте?"

    So be thankful your Arabic is so well-supported!

    1. I guess you're right, Claire. I prefer writing - I pause when I speak to make sure I am pronouncing it right. Sometimes I get very self conscious speaking, whether it's English, Arabic, or German.

    2. It should get better the more we do it.

      There are certain benefits to writing and some to speaking.

  2. I'm thankful that I didn't get called in to school to do piddly jobs, since I am a space cadet today, for some reason.

    1. I know that feeling all too well! It's Friday! TGIF!