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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thankful Thursday 9/10/2015

Today I am thankful we have rain. The rain is still drip, drip, dripping from the roof and falling ferociously from the skies. We need rain badly - it's been at least three weeks since we last had rain. We have had a very dry summer. I've always loved the rain - I've always found it soothing, but I feel thankful for it now because of how dry everything is. We need the rain.

This evening we also took Mimi to the Cat's Only Vet Hospital. Mimi has allergies and at the change of seasons, she breaks out into scabs/hives. She also sneezes, which grosses dad out (snot flies everywhere!), and it's constant scratching. Thankfully, Mimi is otherwise healthy. She had a steroid shot to stop scratching, she was given an anti-histamine, and some Lysine to put into her food when sneezing starts to pop up. The doctor and the staff were good to her and very friendly too. I also loved their reception area. Not only did they have Grumpy Cat books on the table, a Grumpy Cat calendar, but they had "A Cat's Symphony" decal hanging on the wall. I really liked that.

I just love the decal. :)

Mimi on the way to the vet.

She's feeling tired, but is doing well.

As well all know, tomorrow marks the 14th anniversary of September 11. One of the patrons at the library today mentioned that. She then saw me and said, "You must have been a tyke when that happened!" I replied, "I remember that Tuesday vividly. I was in 6th grade and they didn't mention it to us at all, I guess not to freak out people. I do remember someone mentioning that a plane crashed into a building, but I didn't think anything of it because plane crashes happen. When I was let out of school, my mom was waiting for me. My dad usually picked me up. My dad is a deputy and when I saw mom, I thought something really bad happened to dad. I started panicking, at least on the inside, and asked mom where dad was. She was surprised I hadn't heard, that the school didn't tell us anything." The patron did say, "but you were let out early, right?" I lied and said yes, but we weren't. We were still dismissed at 2:55 PM.

I'm thankful we haven't had any more events like this (knock on wood), but I'm sort of saddened by how things have changed since then. I feel sorry for Arab people and Muslims. They're still discriminated against and looked at with suspicion. No, Arabs or Arab-looking and Muslims aren't all terrorists. I also feel dismayed by the international policies in place as well. In the same token, I wish groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda could be stopped. I wish we had more dialogues going instead of stereotypes and everything else. But, I guess this is common in times of war - the Japanese-Americans and German-Americans went through this in World War II and all ethnic groups have gone throw this in history. All I can say on the eve of September 11th that I am hopeful the world will come together, put aside differences, and work on achieving a little peace.


  1. Thank you for your thoughtful words. Just about all the most important people in my life were in either New York or DC on 9/11. My wife saw the second plane hit from her own office in the East Village. I will never forget.

    But if there were ever a day when we all should have realized that all of humanity is in it together, it was 9/11/01. Didn't happen. Hatred begat hatred. So it goes.

    1. That's true, sadly. :(

      We live a few hours away from where the one plane crashed down in Pennsylvania. I remember that night being eerily silent because all planes were grounded. My dad had to patrol different places that night.

  2. Nicely expressed, dear Jessica! I have been around 40 years longer than you and have lived through many other dates "that will live in infamy." The first major tragic event in my life was the JFK assassination when I was in 8th grade. My school transmitted the radio broadcast over the public address system, enabling all the kids in the classrooms to listen in real time as bits of news trickled in, eventually revealing the magnitude of the tragedy. It was a very dark day in America, the widespread shock and grief very similar to that produced by the 9-11 attacks. I also was hit hard by the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Another terrible shock for kids of my generation came when my favorite Beatle, John Lennon, was slain. The bombing in Oklahoma City in which dozens of children died stands out as another black day in our nation's history as does the shooting massacre of the kindergarten children at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT. If you live long enough, dear friend, you will see many events such as these.

    To your credit you learned to speak Arabic and can help promote peace and understanding when you encounter Arabs and Muslims in your travels.

    May I assume that the heat wave ended when the rains came? I hope so. It is still very hot and humid down here in Central Florida. I hope Mimi is responding to her meds and getting better.

    Thank you, dear Jessica, for sharing your thoughts on the eve of another 9-11 observance. I join you in hoping that someday we will take John Lennon's advice and "give peace a chance."

    1. Hi Shady,

      That's so true! I remember the Oklahoma City Bombing; I was 6 and in pre-first grade, but I remember watching it on the news and thinking how horrible that way. I also remember the Columbine Massacre when I was in 3rd grade and being shocked. Very sad. :(

      That's true, Shady, and I continue to learn more each day from what I teach myself and from what I pick up from friends and other speakers. It's fun when I can converse with others - I have a follower on my Instagram from Kuwait. He is a cat lover and owns five of them. We talk from time to time in Arabic about cats, but also the standard greetings. I tell him I'm still learning and right now my language skills aren't the best, but he's really nice about it. He even helps too! My 2nd ex boyfriend's (we don't talk anymore, both of my ex boyfriends were not very nice people) father is an Army Veteran of both Iraq Wars. I met his translator and I still keep in touch with his translator. The translator, from Baghdad, now lives outside of San Francisco. He is such a sweet person and when he's not busy working, we'll converse too.

      I just woke up and I'm hoping the rains cooled things down. Yesterday it was still muggy, even during the rain, so I'm hoping that over night and now that the rains are making their way out, it has cooled things down.

      She seems better now! She'll be taking a pill twice a day for a week. Probably in another six months, she'll have to take the meds again. Every season change, this happens to her. That vet office was neat, though. Very friendly staff and I loved the way the nurses talked to Mimi to calm her down.

      I can only hope too, Shady. Whenever I see pastors burn Qur'ans on TV because they don't believe Islam is a real religion, my heart sinks. It is related to Christianity after all and they do share similarities. Sometimes I wonder how people can be so cruel, though.