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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

National Museum of American Jewish History

Yesterday I was off and decided to go into the city. I first went to the Dream Garden, a totally free exhibit inside the Curtis Center (I will blog about that on Friday), but then decided to beat the heat in another museum. I was going to go to the Academy of Natural Sciences since I am a member, but then I saw this sign:

I thought it was awesome because I love looking at foreign languages, but it wasn't the initial draw. It wasn't until I was waiting for the Market Frankford Line that I saw the poster for Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile & Friends. I love cartoons and I love children literature, I wanted to check it out. It was being showcased in the National Museum of American Jewish History. I had never been to that museum and I thought, "why not?"

I'm glad I went. It was only $12 for an adult and the museum was really cool... both literally and figuratively. I started watching a movie about famous Jewish people (I never knew Irving Berlin was Jewish!), then a docent approached me about a tour. I signed up for the tour of the museum.

But, before the tour, I saw a little bit of the Lyle, Lyle Crocodile & Friends exhibit. Since I work in a library and I consider myself a writer, I was reading everything intently. I had 20 minutes to view; I didn't even get through half of the exhibit when the 20 minutes were up. I knew I had to go back after the hour long docent tour.

I'm glad I signed up for the docent tour. Our docent led us around the museum and showed us the Jewish history in an hour. Next time I go back (I want to bring dad next time), I would do the tour on my own and really read the things. I learned a lot of interesting things about the Jewish faith. I never realized it wasn't kosher to light fires on the sabbath day (this was before Reform Judaism). I also learned more things about the Holocaust I wasn't aware of. Which reminds me of the correction I want to make in Beating the Heat... blog entry. I didn't go to Auschwitz, I went to Dachau. Auschwitz is in Poland and Dachau is in Germany (I will have to correct that for my book). The museum showed footage of Dachau after the prisoners were released. It gave me a chill because it reminded me of when I visited in 2007.

After the tour, I finished the rest of the Lyle, Lyle Crocodile & Friends exhibit. I loved it and I loved reading Bernard Waber's books. He was such a great writer and Lyle is just the best! The exhibit runs from now until November 2; if anyone visits Philadelphia, I'd recommend the National Museum of American Jewish History.

After the exhibit, I recorded a video for their project about my favorite children's book. I sound bad, but you can watch it here. Then I went to their Pomegranate cafe and had a Kosher lunch. I chatted with the cafe owner and we talked about cooking and recipes. She showed me the Kosher cookbooks she had and gave me advice. It was just nice and she was so sweet. I also had a Lyle Crocodile cookie. SOOO GOOOD!


  1. You are very game! Do they still say that?

    1. Not really, but I still do and the librarians I work with still do! :)