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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kennett Square's 30th Annual Mushroom Festival 9/12/2015

On Saturday, mom, dad and I ventured to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania for their annual Mushroom Festival. Kennett Square started this tradition in 1985 and each year it has grown -- now it's a pretty big deal and people travel from all over to see the festivities.

The night before, a mushroom parade was held. We didn't see that because Friday was rainy and we weren't going to anyway. Kennett Square is a 50 minute commute from us - we only go during the day, one day of the festival. Saturday was our day, although it drizzled a bit.

I loved walking around sampling mushrooms, seeing different vendors, playing games, and seeing how mushrooms are grown. It's amazing and a festival I'd recommend. It was $10 to park, then $3 admission. Not bad if you think about it.

This guy was from a band.

I thought he was cool!

They also had a car show!

But, I have to say I like the restaurant we dined in. I liked the Elk meat. I was sad they didn't have rabbit on the menu at that point. I do like rabbit. I did see they serve camel sometimes, but again, wasn't on that menu. It was a special menu for the Mushroom Festival. One of these days I'll have rabbit again and I'll be able to try camel!


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie!

    I'd walk a mile for a camel! (Some vintage cigarette advertising humor, there :)

    Thanks for showing me the highlights of your visit to the Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square. I needed to call up a map to refresh my memory about the town's location. You wrote that it's a 50 minute drive from where you live. Do you live in the King of Prussia or Norristown area? I noticed the Baltimore Pike runs past Kennett Square. Mrs. Shady lived just off of Baltimore Pike on the Maryland side of the border when she was a girl.

    So, does elk taste like chicken? :) Didn't they have any crickets or tarantulas for you to feast on? :) I would love to taste the various treats made with mushrooms and I would have enjoyed that classic car show, too.

    The York Interstate Fair is in progress. Do you ever go to it? Two major rock bands from my youth, Steppenwolf and Foghat, are playing on the grandstand tonight. The show started at 7:30. If you hop in your car and put the hammer down, you might be able to get there in time to catch their closing song! :)

    Jessica, FYI, I will be away from my office for the next few days and need to use a borrowed laptop. My time on the blogs will be limited. I will be back to full service blogging by next Monday when I publish my next post. I hope to see you then. Until then, please take good care of yourself, dear friend!

    1. Dear Shady!

      Sorry that it took me a while to approve your comment! I had an interview today and I was doing research on the company. Sadly, it was door-to-door fundraising - it is just as bad as telemarketing. I said, "Thanks, but no thanks." I'm looking for a 2nd job, something preferably full time. I guess I'll look at retail as a filler until something full time opens up. I wasn't ignoring you on purpose - there was too much going on last night for me to formulate a long response!

      I live in King of Prussia, near the mall. I'm actually a five minute drive from the mall (though, 35 minutes for me walking since I don't drive). Ohhh, Mrs. Shady is from Maryland! Maryland is a great state. :) The Rising Sun area and Elk Neck State Park are REALLY nice! I love Elk Neck State Park. Baltimore is great too. :)

      Actually, elk tasted more like beef. I actually really liked it.Sadly, no crickets or tarantulas. They did have alligator, though, and I do love alligator! The mushrooms and the funnel cake I had were just as good!

      I haven't, actually! Maybe next year I can talk a driving friend into going. :) I actually like Steppenwolf and they would be awesome to see.

      Enjoy your time and you take good care of yourself as well, dear friend, Shady. Talk to you by Monday! :)

    2. Hi, Jessica! I am checking back here using a borrowed laptop - not the optimum conditions for blogging or communicating. I am very relieved to see your reply. I was worried that I played the humor card once too often and you unfriended me! :)

      Keep searching and be patient. The right job opportunity will present itself. Yessum, Mrs. Shady also lived in Baltimore at one point in her life. Her dad owned and operated a popular restaurant and she learned the art of cooking and presentation from him. She is a wonderful cook! I think I'd try eating gator but I don't know if I could eat bugs and spiders. I haven eaten squid and octopus on many occasions.

      Take care, dear friend Jessica. I will be back in my office and up to full speed by Monday. Bless you!

    3. Hi Shady!

      I love your humor and would never unfriend you! I actually meant to respond to you this morning before I went to Philadelphia for the day to canvas for jobs, but between other job applications and talking with a former co-worker, it slipped my mind. My apologies!

      That's true! The library is 10 hours/week, so I need something else. I've learned not to mention keeping it on the side in job interviews. I've noticed full time work has started to slow, probably because of the time of year... so I'm looking for a filler until after the holiday season is done.

      Ohhh! Which restaurant? I haven't been to Baltimore in two years; I also like the Ravens and Orioles, I went for games. It was so much fun and they have great food options there! I bet Mrs. Shady is an excellent cook from all the experience. :) I need to get back into cooking.

      Gator tasted like kielbosa. It was good. I also like squid. Can't say I've had octopus... but I've had octopus ink pasta! That was good!

      Take care, dear friend Shady! :) Bless you too!

    4. Mrs. Shady's father owned and operated The Little Wink Restaurant in Glen Burnie, a Baltimore suburb.

    5. Ah okay! I've heard of the town, but have never been there.

  2. My college had/has a mushroom festival. I don't think we're talking about the same kind of mushrooms, though. ;)

    1. lol, probably not. ;) Kennett Square is known for growing mushrooms.