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Monday, September 14, 2015

Dream Garden at the Curtis Center

Last Tuesday I ventured into the city. Last week was a complete 180 from this week (right now it's 68 degrees) - 95 degrees with 110 humidity and I wanted to be inside. Last winter one of my friends sent me a list of free things to do in Philadelphia; the Dream Garden was on the list. It's not well known, which is a shame. I went last March, but I was told it was under renovation and would be open after Memorial Day. Since I didn't really have the time to go when I was with the senior center (it's only opened on weekdays - when businesses are opened), I figured I'd check it out.

I'm glad I did! The Dream Garden was breathtaking and so relaxing. AND TOTALLY FREE! The mural is made from Tiffany Glass. This beautiful mural is a surprise because who would expect something so beautiful inside a building that looks so somber? The colours and light bring the lobby alive. It was peaceful just to sit there and meditate.

When the French group came in, I went to the Dream Fountain, which was located in another lobby. Again, totally free and very peaceful. I sat there to write and meditate. Writing with rushing water behind you is soothing. I have always loved the sound of water - I actually like writing with the sound of water.

Later I'm going to write a poem about the Dream Garden for my book. Lately I've been obsessed with writing Fourteeners, but tonight I might try a new form. :)

If you ever want to visit, the Dream Garden is located at the Curtis Center. The address is 699 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. VISIT PHILLY - THE DREAM GARDEN.