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Monday, August 17, 2015

Young White Female Seeking CD; Wanders Philadelphia For CD

I know, the title is bizarre, but as I was thinking of a title for my blog about my adventure yesterday, wandering Philadelphia for a CD, I thought about those old singles ads. I laughed and thought it would be a good title for a blog entry about my journey yesterday.

Yesterday I was home alone and I decided I'd go into the city since I get a bus pass every month for work and everyday travel; it beats sitting home alone. I loved Straight Outta Compton and wanted the N.W.A. CD the film is named after. According to FYE's website, they were sold out. Barnes and Nobel's website said it was in. I thought, "I want to go to Rittenhouse Square anyway, I could stop at Barnes & Nobel and buy N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton! It'll be an easy trip!"

I left King of Prussia at 8:20 AM and arrived in Philadelphia at 9 AM. I took the 125 to 30th Street, called my parents, then debated where I'd go for breakfast. I thought I could take the el to 15th Street and eat at Cappricio's, but decided I'd go to 5th Street and eat at Red Owl Tavern. Let me tell you, their French toast with vanilla marscopone was awesome!

It was 10 AM when I finished eating. I didn't want to go straight to Rittenhouse Square - it was a 14 block walk, but I was going to take the el to 15th Street then walk four blocks from there. If I would have gone there first, I thought, my adventure would be over and I didn't want to go home yet. As most of you know, I was a philosophy minor in college. I love the Philosophical Society that is near Independence Hall. I hadn't been there for four years and I decided to visit.

I'm glad I did. Their display was Jefferson, Science, and Exploration and it set the mood for my journey that I was going to go on. I also questioned them about their upcoming events because I love their garden. I have to keep checking their site.

Yeah, I'm short. I'm 4'10.

Before I went to the el, I decided to go to the little park with the Signer statue. It is next to the Philosophical Society's garden.

I then took the el to 15th Street. To make a story short, I posted the short version on Wesley's Facebook:

Today I experienced something poem worthy. I think Norb Aikin would appreciate this one. I really liked Straight Outta Compton, especially the music I heard (yes, I listen to pretty much everything) and I wanted the album. The Barnes & Nobel in Devon has a CD section and according to the website, the CD was in, unlike FYE. I planned a day trip to Philadelphia and figured I want to go to Rittenhouse Square, I'd buy the CD in Philadelphia instead of Devon. Well, the B & N in Philadelphia doesn't have a CD section. I was talking to someone and they suggested going to Repo Records on South Street. After hanging out in the park for an hour, I took a cab down to South Street (too hot to walk). I walked into Repo Records and they didn't have the CD, BUT they had the record and I could get a record player for really cheap. The store looked cool and I want to go back. I made my way to the Broad Street Line to go to Center City to go to FYE. I walked upstairs to the rap section of FYE - nothing. I was about to walk out until I saw the Compton hats and then the albums. I should have went to FYE to begin with. Haha. But, now I'm the owner of that album. It was fun, though, that adventure.

Yeah, it turns out the Barnes & Nobel in Philadelphia isn't like the Barnes & Nobel in Devon (which is 10 minutes away from me) where they sell CDs. Since Philadelphia has plenty of record stores (King of Prussia doesn't), they don't carry CDs. I was talking to one of the patrons because I asked them if Barnes & Nobel had a CD section. He replied, "No, but maybe Repo Records has it. What are you looking for?" The guy was black and I sort of felt weird when I replied, "N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton." He smiled and gave a little chuckle, "Oh! Good CD! I want to see that movie! But, yeah, Repo Records should have that album." I thanked him and continued to browse around Barnes & Nobel. I might work for a library, but I still love going to book stores. I bought a book about Sufism.

I love Rittenhouse Square park. Repo Records is on South Street. I would have to go back to 5th Street and walk a few blocks to get to the store. I probably should have done that after the Philosophical Society, but I never heard of Repo Records until I talked to the Barnes & Nobel guy. The day was heating up and Rittenhouse Square Park is shaded. I sat on a bench and listened to the musician playing.

He was awesome and it great to have some music while I read Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.  As the musician was playing and I was reading, a woman walked by and said, "Great book! Though it'll make you cry." We talked for a bit, but I talked more to the guy sitting next to me reading. He suggested the philosophical book and we had a book discussion. When the musician stopped playing, I left. I took a cab to South Street.

I walked into Repo Records and the store was neat! The door's bell jingled and the cashier was alerted to me. I asked him if he had Straight Outta Compton. He didn't have it on CD, but he had it on vinyl. I frowned and he maintained I could get a record player for cheap. I shook my head. I looked at their few new CDs and their used CDs. I saw a few used CDs I wanted. Metal CDs. Punk CDs. Rap CDs. Classical CDs. Yes, I listen to every genre. I didn't buy anything - I figured I'd go back at a later time.

I made my way to the Broad Street Line. I had ten blocks to walk. I approached another CD/DVD store on South Street, but nothing there. I thought, "I guess I could go to FYE and see." I was hot, it was 95 degrees here yesterday with a heat index of 101. I figured it was on the Broad Street Line route and if I don't find the CD, it's right near the bus I need to take home.

I swiped my card and waited for the subway. I was looking at my phone and a man said to me, "I love your shirt!" I was wearing my Acrassicauda Arabic shirt. I thanked him and he continued, "do you know what it says?" I replied that I did and I explained to him I know a little bit of Arabic, but I would love to take lessons. I keep up with it as much as I can. We talked for the fifteen minutes we waited for the subway. He was from Egypt and is studying at Temple University. He introduced himself as Sam, which his American friends nicknamed him, his birth name was Hamad... which is probably the shortened form of Mohamed. I introduced myself. It was fun talked to him. This is the shirt I wore (picture from June - Claire snapped it):

I got off at City Hall/15th Street and said, "Salaam Alykum" to him. He smiled and said, "Good luck and stay safe. Nice chatting!" I walked off the subway and made my way up the stairs to walk to FYE.

I'm glad I had success in FYE. I was almost about to give up and as I was walking out, I noticed the Compton and N.W.A. hats and shirts. I looked up and I saw the CD Straight Outta Compton. I grabbed one of the two CDs left. The cashier said the CDs have been very popular in the past few weeks and I lucked out. I'm glad my hot and long journey resulted in a success... in more ways than getting a CD. I met some nice people and saw interesting places. I walked close to 10 miles yesterday.

I'm going to write a poem about this adventure. It's going to be a fourteener, which I wrote a poem in that form back in April for NaPoWriMo. I love that genre. I might e-mail some of you when it's done - I want to include it in my book.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie! (We meet again :) There are a number of things that I notice and admire about you. You are always traveling around and exploring, always on the go, and usually alone. You are always reading. You are always learning. You are gregarious, constantly striking up conversations with interesting strangers that you meet. I don't know very many people like you. :)

    I'm glad it was "mission accomplished" in your roundabout search for that elusive CD. FYI, today I received in the mail two Kittie CDs: Oracle and Funeral For Yesterday, and Cradle of Filth's Nymphetamine. I also have the Butcher Babies' latest release Take It Like a Man ordered. How many 66 year olds do you know who are into that kind of stuff? :) I'll tell you this. You might want to invest in a turntable someday because vinyl is coming on strong. Just in the last couple of weeks I have noticed that vinyl albums outnumber CDs in the listings on eBay, at least in the gothic symphonic death metal/doom metal categories that interest me. As Petula Clark sang, "It's a sign of the times."

    Hey, I was wondering. Do you know about Val Shively's R&B Record Store in Upper Darby? Over the years I have made mail order purchases from Val's shop, something to keep in mind the next time you're having trouble finding something:

    It was cool that you found that musician in the park singing the Beatles. If the temp reached 95 with a heat index of 101, then your weather was considerably hotter and more uncomfortable than mine was here on the West Coast of Florida. I can't wait for fall. How about you?

    Well this was a great day, dear Jessica Marie. We devoted a lot of time to each other's blogs, wrote volumes and got to know each other better. That's exactly what I want in a friendship. Thank you!

    1. Shady!

      Kittie is one of my favorite female metal bands. Oracle is amazing and I also love Spit! I also really like Otep and Within Temptation.

      I actually have never heard of that store in Upper Darby. Besides going to the transit center, I don't hang out much in Upper Darby. I'll have to check out the site because next time I can't find something, that might be easier. Though, I should never complain about exercise.

      I enjoyed my adventure yesterday. I love my adventures. I always say and people always call me free spirited. I love going to places and meeting new people. On every trip I've went on, whether it's local, in Detroit, in Green Bay, in Milwaukee, in Baltimore, or New York City, or anywhere I've met many new friends and I still keep in touch with them. It's just so neat. In the fall one of my pen pals from India will be in the States to visit her son and she will be in my area. We will be meeting up. Excited!

      I love blogging and this is a hobby of mine - something I like to do when I'm not working and looking for full time work. I love this blogging community and the friends I've met through this community.I went through a rough period from November 2013 and all through last year. Slowly getting back to normal, but this community was very helpful during those times. I love keeping in touch.

  2. You had quite a serendipitous adventure. Isn't it amazing how quickly CDs have gone the way of LPs?

    1. I know! I guess trends cycle every once in a while. I still prefer music in physical formats rather than digital. I love the artwork. Though, I do have an iPod and do buy music from Amazon or iTunes every once in a while.

      I'm working on the fourteener poem now before work. I have a feeling I'll have to finish it later - it's going to be an epic. :D

  3. You mentioned your height, which got me thinking about the subject. First husband was 6'7". He used to lie and say he was 6'6", because he felt freakishly tall. There is a Tall Club for peeps of above average height. I wonder if there is the opposite? I googled and couldn't find anything. Sorry to ramble.

    1. I don't think there is a club for shorties or people who are fun sized. That's what my small friends and I used to call ourselves in high school. I feel freakishly small - I feel like I'm child size. Up until I was 21, I fit into size 16 girls clothing.

  4. Bizarreness is key to uniqueness ^_^ Have fun with it!

    So you got the bus pass so you decided to go to the city? The grammar tripped me up so I didn't comment so long.

    When I was home alone a few weeks ago I took the opportunity to invite my friend Matthew over. We had fun. Things happened - hmm... I don't remember if all of my clothing stayed on, but my memory is so shoddy. I do remember he got me east-Asian food of some description! I was content. Que sera sera.

    It sounds like the Philosophical Society trek was worthwhile ^_^

    I'm going to come back in about forty-five minutes.

    1. Every month I buy a monthly bus pass to use for work and other travel. It's much cheaper than cash or tokens... at least for how often I use SEPTA - I use it for mostly everything. Instead of sitting at home, alone, I went on a trip.

      It was! I love that place, but I love Olde City and the historical district. Always fun. :) I didn't write that I stopped by South Street Market to see my Facebook guy friend, but he wasn't working at that point.

  5. It's quite an amusing and eye-catching title, actually. :)

    1. Maybe I should put this blog title under the title of the poem. ;) :) LOL