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Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (8/3/2015-8/8/2015)

Monday, August 3

The monarch caterpillars have hatched! They're inside because aphids have attacked our milkweed.

Tuesday, August 4

Wednesday, August 5

Roots Cafe is the best!

There were a lot of changes on campus, but I'm glad the fish was still on the mirror!
That fish was always a favorite of mine as a student!

Thursday, August 6

I'm thankful for Carol Christen, the author of What Color Is Your Parachute: For Teens.
She is one of my connections on LinkedIn and is so helpful. Thanks, Carol!

Friday, August 7

Monarch caterpillars are really growing! I can't wait until the are butterflies!

Saturday, August 8

Bug Fest today at the Academy of Natural Sciences! Yes, I partook in entomophagy this weekend.
My bug eating adventures will be posted tomorrow!

Before I went to Fez, a Moroccan restaurant in Philadelphia, I went into this Arabic bookshop.
I still am at an elementary level when it comes to reading Arabic and I was happy he sold these books. The store also has Arabic classes. Hmmm... 

Can't wait to see Straight Outta Compton next week!


  1. I haven't grown monarch butterflies in such a long time! Wow. (I'm a little dazed from writing with NaNo friends early in the morning) I grew them in spring of 1997.

    What are some of the changes on campus you've noticed? How accessible is it now? The reason I am waiting on what I want to do in the library is that I have trouble getting across campus. This might have more to do with me than anything with WCU.

    What was the Arabic bookshop like? ^^
    (I am between intermediate and advanced with Russian reading due to force-practice.)

    1. That's the last time I grew monarchs as well: 1997. We had to bring them in before the aphids attacked them. The aphids were instrumental in this. :D The caterpillars are bigger this morning!

      Well, they're making campus more handicapped accessible. Changing the sidewalks in front of Main Hall. New buildings are being built too. Also a lot of people retired.

      The bookshop was neat! The window, which drew my attention, had Arabic calligraphy scrawled on it. I went in 10 minutes before it closed. He had TONS of books. He had a few Qur'ans in full Arabic, dictionaries, encyclopedias in Arabic, novels in Arabic, guides for learning Arabic, and then the books I bought. It reminded me of an insurance office. He also did notary, which might have been why it reminded me of a cross between an insurance office and bookstore. He had a desk and two chairs across from him. I sat down in one of the wicker chairs and chatted with him for a bit. He was nice.

  2. Carol the author has very nice handwriting.

  3. What's that meal from Roots Cafe called? It looks delicious.