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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (8/24/2015-8/29/2015)

This is going to be my last weekly Secret Life for two weeks. Next week I want to do a special Labor Day/Unofficial End of Summer Secret Life that shows everything I've done this summer. I want to highlight some book writing too! It's going to be a hodge podge of things next week. I hope everyone will enjoy it and I hope everyone will enjoy this week's broadcast. It has been an interesting week and I felt happy for the most part this week. Enjoy! ~Jessica

Monday, August 24

Love the way the sky looked as the sun was setting.

Tuesday, August 25
Went to work at the library and avalanche in the bookbox!

Wednesday, August 26

Put my charms on my charm bracelet.

Ready for the interview!

After the interview, I went to the Flying Pig in Malvern.

Thursday, August 27

Love this display! I love Pete the Cat!

Friday, August 28

I sent the children's librarian the monarch photos and she used my life cycle pictures for the butterfly display!

Saturday, August 29

My hair cut! I had it glazed a reddish colour, trimmed and put into long layers.
I'm happy with how it turned out! This is now my LinkedIn picture.

I love Billy Goat! The pigeons do too!

This little girl began feeding them. I love these photos I captured.

They came in droves as they discovered food!

One even flew on the bench to beg everyone for food. I love pigeons, though.

Italian Greyhound.

I loved this dog that was also hanging out in Rittenhouse Square Park.

As I posted online: This truck gave me free food because I didn't have cash on me. He didn't want me to worry about the cash and wanted me to have the food. I decided after that I'd go to 7-Eleven, take out $5, miss the bus back to King of Prussia, and after I ate my meal, I'd pay him back. I did - I walked back to his truck and I thanked him, in Arabic (he didn't really know English that well), and said it was very good. He was a very nice young man.

The food was really good! The guy was surprised I went back to pay him in cash, but I would have felt bad if I didn't pay him at all. I figured that streetcar food vendors probably don't make a lot of money and it would have been unfair to walk off with a free meal. I also enjoyed it, wanted to talk to him some more, and give him my gratitude.

These are from four years ago, but I will be getting ready for the Packers tonight! GO PACK GO!
I love my Claymania shirt! (I need to find it.)


  1. I hope you excuse my slightly overwhelmed reaction @_@ I have been hard at work today practising the second oboe part to Brahms, trying to time it with the recording. I was only partially successful, but I'm going to be playing that piece for orchestra (and Shostakovich's Gadfly suite, and Beethoven's Emperor piano concerto, neither which I have a copy of right now since the orchestra didn't give them to me - I found Brahms online somewhere). It'll take a lot more energy than I have right now, but that's what rehearsal is for.

    I get nervous about approaching strangers too, but a lot of strangers are nervous about talking with strangers, too. They aren't all terrible people.

    I'd say more, but I am overly exhausted x_x
    Mother explained to me how so many people play organ and not piano. She told me it's easy to sound really good on the organ without having the theoretical chops to pull off a beautiful performance, so it's better to have a degree in piano performance and get hired occasionally to play organ than to only be able to play the organ and be unable to pull off an impromptu piano performance. I can't do either myself, really, m a y b e poke out a few notes on the piano, so I can't talk. (It was terrible in China when they only had a piano and I'm not really a pianist. I had to go off my loltheory background, which is a total joke. My semi-memorised Mozart thing is seriously a children's piece that 8-year olds pull off all the time...)

    Next Friday I'll probably make a fuss at WCU to gain access back to the reed room again since I am almost certain I am in Immaculata Symphony but I need fresh reeds. Not 100% since that ensemble's pissy about non-students of IU and Anna hinted there may be more oboists coming.

    Rittenhouse Square is one of my favourite places in Philadelphia ^_^ I went there every Sunday my late high school years. The Wawa closed due to high real estate, according to my mother, but the church the orchestra played in still exists and they still rehearse there every weekend of the school year!

    I always feel guilty about not having the money when people give me food, too :( at least it was only a temporary thing!

    I am more familiar with Greyhound buses than the dogs, riding them to visit national acquaintances - the last time I went down to DC and spent the night with my Georgetown ally. We had an awful lot of Japanese food together, since she almost only eats it now that she's returned from her exchange study - she spent a year there, compared with my five weeks in the PRC, and had comparable health problems. (She just spent like an hour on the phone with me yesterday so I remember better.)

    I hope your new hair cut helps you make a splendid impression all the time to everyone ^_^

    1. You're right - I think strangers are just as nervous as we are! He got off of the el at 56th Street.

      It was a beautiful day today - I am glad I sat in Rittenhouse and now I'm tired. I'm going to work on my writing now and then read before bed.

    2. Depends on the stranger. There are plenty of kooks like the aptly-nicknamed Kook (a friend of a friend - I think it's Lydia, who has reverted to her Chinese name on FB) who acts bizarre on principle - though that may just be a political ploy to force more acceptance for the Asperger's community.
      Oh, no - checking FB to be sure, it's someone from the WCU disability community, so no wonder I got confused. I think they both do a lot of work for acceptance of all abilities.

      I spent most of today working on orchestral recognition of those three pieces I'd detailed above, with a break to enjoy some Russian cinematography - I much prefer the one that translates to Heart not [of] Stone (or maybe it'd be better translated as Heart Unweighted - I don't know for sure, I'm not playing it with an English translation readily available since I'm fluent enough, Svetlana Anatolyevna made it so) to the one whose soundtrack I'm playing, which is more of an Italian action flick - in Russian. (It's so bizarre to hear извините signore! I guess it's no different from hearing something like ごめんなさい Herr, though Russia and Italy have a significantly different history together than Japan and Germany. I think they're both pretty ideologically similar politically - Ru/It and Jp/De respectively, to use domain names for abbreviations, but there I think the similarity stops short, as Russia and Germany have something completely different going on - they had a war against each other, which Germany won - referring to WWI, which seems so much more important in the context of European international relations.)

      I am okay, but my morning practice didn't set me back as far as orchestra on Thursday. Admittedly, I used the only reed that's still got some life in it on that day, while it's so much easier to pretend on a corpse of a bent piece of arundo donax and rejuvenate afterwards... Also I'm not so keen on that kind of exercise in the evening. x_x

      What are you writing? ^_^ I keep hinting I am thinking about my Verst After Verst 300k novel, then I've been goofing around with some writers in the Team Nano event this morning, but mostly I've been reading Benjamin Lorr's Hell-bent: Obsession, Pain, and the Search for Something like Transcendence in Competitive Yoga today. My father finds it so bizarre that I'm reading that, but it was in the same section as the other 613 book I'd been seeking... *searches call numbers to see what it was originally she'd been seeking* Looks like I'd been seeking a self-help book. I honestly don't remember any more.

      When I made motions towards learning Arabic in 2013 my professors steered me more towards Farsi. I've been told it's close enough. I have no idea.

    3. I just finished reading and I'll be writing a few new poems tonight. Tomorrow I will finish the Fourteeners. That poem has been in the works for 2 weeks!

      I would finish it tonight, but I don't want to sit in front of the computer for long. I'm about to sign off, write, and then relax so I can sleep tonight.

    4. Sort of! I fell asleep on the couch, awoke at 1:45 AM and went to bed, where I slept until 7:15 AM. I guess I did get eight hours of sleep.

      Today I am spending time writing and working on my book! I'm going to look at old travel poetry I wrote and include that in my book as well.

  2. The food truck story is nice. Human kindness and good food are always a strong combination. I'm sure your efforts to speak to him in Arabic were much appreciated, too.

    1. You're right. :) We had a nice conversation and he smiled a lot.I smiled too because it was a chance to use my language skills and practice.

    2. Eh, we'll see. It's a temp job that is supposed to last for a month. The interviewer said she'll get back to me in a week or two; I probably didn't get it. I keep putting resumes out there. I've learned that it's best not to say I'm keeping the library for Saturday work.

    3. I think you should be a tour guide of some sort.

  3. Hi, dear Jessica! You've had a busy and exciting week! I'm glad you got your charms on the bracelet. I'll bet you'll wear it for good Cheese Head luck as you watch every Packer's game this season. It's a great idea to have your pics showing the life cycle of the monarch butterfly displayed at the children's library. Jessica, I love your haircut! It becomes you! Pigeons are regarded as a nuisance by most people but I love to watch them. There is a beach restaurant close to where I live and Mrs. Shady and I love to have lunch in their outdoor section. Dozens of pigeons walk through the dining area, milling around under people's tables and hoping they will drop scraps of food. I love seeing the birds up close while I eat. I also love dogs and would have enjoyed getting close to the breeds you spotted in the park.

    I wish you a happy Sunday and a great week ahead, dear friend Jessica Marie!

    1. Hi Shady,

      I will admit that tonight I'm too tired to watch the game. The Packers are playing the Eagles and eeek! I just turned the game on briefly and I'm wondering what the heck happened to my team. They're losing by a landslide. One of my favorite players was hurt last week and will be out the rest of the season. Of course it's preseason and doesn't count, but I hope this isn't a foreshadowing for the rest of the year!

      Thank you, Shady. :) I'm loving the colour and the cut. I figured I wanted to change it up, it might help in interviews! I used to dye my hair a reddish colour up until 4 years ago. Then in 2011 I decided to bleach my hair for a Lady Gaga party. Between bleaching and my thyroid issues, my hair became fried. I haven't had my hair dyed in 3 years and it felt amazing today.

      I love pigeons, but I tend to love all birds. I tend to like all animals, but I do have my favorites (cats and goats). I'm just an animal and bird person in general. :)

      I hope you have a happy Sunday and a great week ahead as well, dear friend Shady!

  4. What great pics! I don't think I could pick just one. Loved the charm bracelet and the overflow of books:)

    1. Thank you, Sandra! That charm bracelet is my favorite. The band was my grandmother's, then the band was left for me. My parents gave me three charms, then I bought three charms. Can't wait for more to be added. :)

      Whenever the book box is that full, it usually takes me six trips and an hour to transport all of the books to the library to be checked in. I get my workout on those days!

  5. I loved the story of the Arabic food truck man. How lovely!

    1. It was a nice gesture and a nice day out! Next time I go into the city, I'm going back there because the food was awesome. I also liked chatting with him. :)

      I always meet nice people on my travels.

  6. That was so kind of the vendor to give you free food, and so wonderful that you went back to reimburse him. A reminder that there are good folk in the world.
    Thanks for stopping by and the follow:) Hope to see you soon in blogster land.

    1. It was! I want to go back soon and get some more food. It was so good and he was just so nice. I'm a big fan of Middle Eastern food. :)

      You're welcome! Thank you for following me as well. See you soon!

  7. Lovely haircut, Jessica. :) I suppose I ought to have mine cut at some point, given how long mine is at the moment.

    1. Thank you, Andrew! Yeah, maybe when you start class. :p