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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (8/17/2015-8/22/2015)

Tuesday, August 18

The Senior Center is located in an old elementary school. One day care, Extended Day, is down the hall. I went to Extended Day when I was a kid and I know the teachers well. When I was walking up the hall from setting up for an activity, I noticed this bear in the office. I walked in and the teacher said that this bear is named Juno. We were talking for a bit and I told her I LOVE teddy bears. Apparently the kids have a different theme for Juno each year. This year is travel. I love Juno. :)

Giving Juno this outfit. I bought it for Wesley Bear and it didn't fit him.

Wednesday, August 19

The library director wrote this really nice letter for all staff members. :)

Thursday, August 20

The clouds are rolling in. It ended up pouring all day.

Juno loved his new football uniform! Another teacher exclaimed, "Oh, Juno is now a Chicago Bear! Juno loves that team!" As a Packers fan all I could do is chuckle. 

Friday, August 21

Getting ready for mom's birthday dinner at William Penn Inn. I love these selfies.

My awesome dessert. Summer berry pie.

Saturday, August 22

Met up with Marsha today. I will be writing a blog about that tomorrow. It was fun!

What's the gift? Find out tomorrow!


  1. That Teddy Bear has some wear!

  2. Juno looks good. That bear wants to travel for real.


    1. Yes he does. ^_^ I think I might have to bring him in a travel book of some adventures me and my bear went on.


  3. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    No Eagles green for Juno? :) Please caution him not to wear that jersey on game day anywhere around the Delaware Valley. :) It was nice of the library director to thank the staff for enduring discomfort caused by a broken a/c system. Too few bosses care that much about their employees. I can't wait to find out what's hiding inside that tiny gift box.

    Happy Sunday, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Nah, I'm not an Eagles fan. I might be from Philadelphia, but have never been a Philly sports fan. My football teams are the Packers and Ravens - that's why I cracked up when the teacher exclaimed, "Juno is a Chicago Bear!" The Bears are the Packers's rival. I should have brought him in a Packers uniform, but that uniform is saved for Wesley (Wesley also has a Ravens uniform). :p

      I will admit that I did splurge on my gift a bit, but I figured I would wear the gift to myself to work and on full time job interviews, so it might be okay to splurge a bit for those instances.

      I love my library job and that's why I want to keep it when I have a full time job. It's 10 hours/week, but I will cut back once I have the full time job (and I also found a place that offers free language classes on a Saturday that I want to take advantage of). I've been at the library for 9 years and everyone is just so nice there.

      Happy Sunday to you too, dear Shady!

  4. Good to see an appearance from Marsha! How is she? :)

    Oooh, looking forward to the gift. :)

    1. She's doing well!

      I will admit that I bought the gift myself and I splurged a bit.

  5. I'll get to this eventually. Like now.

    I never did day care when I was little. What was it like?

    Juno is the name of an angry goddess in Roman mythology. She made Aeneas' life miserable all throughout the Aeneid. (It's the Roman version of Hera, the goddess of the hearth)

    I'm glad the library director wrote a nice letter ^_^

    *totally out of it* Oh, it's a few days later now, isn't it. I'll go see what's next.

    1. Well, I only did day care in the summer. It was fun going to summer camp! During the school year, I was always with Nan... though there were a few years where I did go in the morning. It was okay.

      I'm going to miss Juno. :( At least I have pictures of this awesome bear! I remember Juno now. I remember disliking that goddess.

      Yes. ^_^ I enjoy working there.