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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Mutter Museum (And Rittenhouse Square) 8/2/2015

Yesterday mom, dad and I ventured to Philadelphia. We've never been to the Mutter Museum before and we wanted to check it out. When I visited the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn (New York), the staff there was surprised I had never been to the Mutter Museum when I lived in the suburbs close to that museum. So, yesterday we finally ventured to the Mutter Museum.

We arrived at 11:15 AM. After I bought my monthly SEPTA pass and finding out the trolleys are down until 8/17, mom, dad, and I trekked the 15 minutes to Rittenhouse Square. We ate at a restaurant called Rogue. Apparently on Sunday in Philadelphia, restaurants only serve Brunch and Dinner, no lunch. Rogue was the only place that sold hamburgers and seafood for brunch. The ambiance was a bit eclectic, but comfortable. The food was very good - we ordered these Korean spring rolls and we all ordered A1 burgers.

We all raved about the burgers and spring rolls. It was a very expensive restaurant, though. For the three of us, it was $75. Usually when I go to Rittenhouse Square alone, I avoid eating there. Not because the food is bad, but it's very expensive in Rittenhouse Square.

After brunch at Rogue, we decided to walk the two blocks to the Mutter Museum. Before we went to the Museum, I showed my parents Rittenhouse Square Park. I wanted to show my parents Billy. Billy is a small bronze goat sculpture that was sculpted and donated by Albert Laessel in 1919. Children and many adults love Billy; children are always playing and drawing in chalk near Billy. Dad got a laugh from Billy. I had to snap a picture of dad with Billy.

And of course, he took two of me. One standing next to Billy, and one of me hugging Billy. I love goats and I love that sculpture.

We took the eleven minute walk to the Mutter Museum. When we arrived, we were instructed we couldn't take pictures in the exhibits, but pictures were permitted in the lobby and gift shops. The lobby was really neat. I loved the late 18th century feel to it.

Overall, I enjoyed the museums. I loved seeing the skeletons and different deformities of skeletons, organs, fetuses, reproductive systems, and other morbid oddities. It was really crowded, so it was hard to spend a lot of time reading about all the different morbid oddities and deformities. I guess with the heat and humidity, people wanted to hang out inside and see the museums. I learned a lot of neat things and I would totally recommend the Mutter Museum to everyone.

Even the gift shop was awesome! They had conjoined twin cookie cutters (I see you can order from the Mutter Museum's website), the organ plushies (which you can order from I Heart Guts) and the Good Ol' Menstrual Cycle poster (I will admit, I want that poster!). The gift shop put a smile on my face.

It was a really nice day out. :) It was warm and a bit humid, and the museum was a great way to spend the day. I love both the Brooklyn Morbid Museum and the Mutter Museum. Both are great places that I would recommend. However, when we were heading home and right before we hopped onto the el, we saw a really cool reflection. A bunch of others were stopping for pictures, so mom and I stopped as well.

Very pretty reflection.

And because I love the I Heart Guts site... here's a small wish list I have:

Tooth Plush- Flossin' Just Ain't For Gangstas
Thundering Thyroid - Burn, Thyroid, Burn!
The Good Ol' Menstrual Cycle
Teeth Lapel Pin
Heart of Gold socks

And the conjoined twins cookie cutter from the Mutter Museum:
Cookie cutter
Mutter Museum Store Site


  1. The Rittenhouse Wawa was somewhat affordable while it was across from where I rehearsed with my orchestra. (According to mother, the cost of real estate made it impossible to maintain, so there is now only a 7-Eleven in about the same place.)

    I've never been to the Mutter Museum either, just virtually lived in Rittenhouse every weekend throughout later high school (2005-07).

    My family's ultimately determined it more efficient to buy tokens. The drivers have assured me that those won't ever be denied.

    My dad's nickname is Billy.

    That is late 18th century? I don't get the same impression. To me that looks more typical museum lobby. Maybe my impression is off.

    What is the Mutter Museum's website? Oh, I found it via websearch.

    I'm glad you had a nice time out. ^^

    1. I think I was just intrigued by everything and I loved the oldness of the place. ^_^ Old places fascinate me.

      7-Eleven has good food, though! Their pizza is AWESOME!

    2. It must have been a good time. ^_^ The old ways fascinate me, though certainly not the treatment of women in business settings.

      For some reason I prefer Wawa. The employees have been mean to my father, but it's most convenient for food. Then Rite-Aid is convenient for general stuff, though my prescriptions have to go through CVS now due to insurance.

    3. Yes! I love the old ways too. History has always fascinated me.

      I like Sheetz. They sell Faygo. :D

  2. I like the very pretty reflection!

  3. I haven't been to Philadelphia in many years. The Mutter

  4. Museum sounds interesting. (is what the rest of my comment was supposed to say.)

    1. It was AMAZING and not badly priced. $16 for an adult. I'd recommend it and a trip to Brooklyn to see their Morbid Anatomy Museum!

  5. What is an A1 burger? I'm curious...

    That reflection picture is amazing! :D

    1. A1 is a brand of steak sauce. It's pretty good.

      I know, I love it! :)

    2. Ha ha! I thought it was the steak sauce but I wasn't sure in case it was just a fancy burger name. :P