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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thankful Thursday 8/27/2015

I feel relieved this week... it feels like a little weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I won't reveal what happened just yet as I want to wait for another time and I don't feel like talking about it just yet. For those of you who are very close to me, you know what I am talking about. Although I am mostly relieved, I do feel a bit sad.

After things happened on Monday, when I went to work at the library on Tuesday, I was quickly reminded why I'm thankful to work there. Yes, it might not be many hours (10 hours/week) and I might not make a lot of money, but I love the people I work with. When I walked in on Tuesday, one of my co-workers handed me a scrapbook album. She said, "I was cleaning out the house and found this - I thought of you!"

I thanked her up and down. She's looking to relocate when she retires and she has started to downsize. She was talking about how she was looking for a place to get rid of flannel shirts she had lying around. I felt guilty at first, but I spoke up: "what size are they? I love flannel shirts." "I think they're large, but I will bring them in for you, you can try them on and if they don't fit you can get rid of them." She gave me a bag of flannel shirts today. I thanked her again. I will have to try them on later. I feel thankful for her and I feel thankful for my co-workers.
The plastic bag that my co-worker put the shirts in, the handle broke. My supervisor let me borrow this bag.

I love the shirts pictured out of the bag. I hope they fit!

I also feel thankful for my aunt who lets me use her pool. As the summer winds down, I've been taking advantage of swimming when I can. I have always loved swimming.

I also feel thankful for my little (okay, he's a tad old) buddy that watches over me when I swim.

I also feel thankful for this beauty. My Miss Mimi!

And I feel thankful that the deformed butterfly made it through last night. He made it through the day, but my guess is tonight he won't. I feel grateful this monarch was given some more time!


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie!

    I guarantee that every week of your life will be a mixed bag. Your challenge is to interpret everything that happens to you as an opportunity to learn, to become stronger, to make adjustments, refine your existing goals or set new ones.

    Loving the work you do and the people you work with is ultimately more important than the fiancial rewards. You must find something that you can remain congruent about, passionate about - something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning eager to get at it. If you can make a living doing something that excites you that much, then it isn't work at all. It's play. Play hard. It's a lot more fun than working hard.

    How kind of your co-worker to give you that scrapbook binder! It was also nice of her to let you try on those flannel shirts. With fall on the way, I hope they fit you. If they don't perhaps a few simple alterations will do the trick.

    Is that your aunt's old Beagle? It looks to be at least a dozen years old. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful and dignified looking cat than your Miss Mimi! That deformed monarch might fool everybody and live to a ripe old age. I have learned not to underestimate anyone or anything because I have been proven wrong many times.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!

    1. Hi Shady!

      You're very right! I know I'll be writing about my experiences from this summer's employment as I'm working on my poetry book about my travel experiences. The experiences from summer's employment will be a diary - not public. I know that I've learned from all of the good times and bad times I've had; I know they have made me stronger.

      That's very true too! I love my library job and that's why I plan on keeping it on the side, on weekends, when I have something full time. When I was a college student, I worked as a paid intern for my university. I wrote the instruction manuals, then taught faculty and staff how to use what I wrote about. I also planned the monthly agenda and other various office and writing tasks. I'd love to do that full time. I tried to get a full time library job, but I don't have the MLS. So, the next best thing would be an office/writing job. Actually, the people I work with and the environment are more important to me than the work. I think pleasant co-workers always makes the job. I loved my co-workers from my internship and I still keep in touch with them!

      I would also love to use my language skills to write children's books.I'm going to work on an Arabic baby book. I love learning foreign languages and I love writing in them. :)

      I can always take the flannel shirts to either Nordstrom or some other tailor. I have credits at Nordstrom, but a small scare tailor might be cheaper! They're a large, so they should fit me! Fingers crossed. Flannel used to be my style in high school. When I gained a lot of weight, I got rid of the flannel shirts. I lost A LOT of weight and want to replace the shirts I got rid of 5 years ago. This is a BIG help.

      Yep! This is my other aunt. His name is Max and they have had him for 14 years. I'd say he's either 14 or 15. He hurt his paw and he's limping. I was watching him today while I swam, to make sure he didn't jump in the pool. My aunt said that he really can't swim anymore because his sight isn't too good and his paw. So, I watched over him today.

      Miss Mimi is always the center of attention! That's true about the butterfly! Sometimes the creatures that look weak surprise everyone!

      Thank you, Shady, you too!

  2. I didn't get to watch all of Овод before I left but I now have to as a part of the Immaculata Symphony (most likely), as that is where we're drawing the music from for a good proportion of the program.

    Just relax.

    Have a nice evening!

    1. Yeah, I spent the rest of this evening reading. Tomorrow I'll be working on my poetry book some more.

      Good luck and have a nice evening as well!

    2. I'm thinking I'll probably watch it slowly, like everything else.

      It's been slower getting back to not feeling winded after playing oboe for so long.

  3. I'm so glad you have a dog to keep an eye on you the way that Franklin watches me. Flannel shirts are so soft and cozy. I'm sure your co-workers love you, wherever you go.


    1. When Max was younger he would swim with us during family parties. It's hard to believe my aunt adopted him 14 years ago, after they bought the house. I was in 6th grade. Time flies!

      That's true! I say I'll keep it on the side, even if it means cutting back a lot, because the library job is relaxing for me. It'll be relaxing for a Saturday afternoon after the stresses of the week. :) I've been at the library for 9 years.

      I usually get along with all co-workers and have kept in touch with co-workers from my internship.I guess when I think about it, I'm usually pretty easy to get along with.


  4. Looks like a well-kept pool, at least from that picture. :)