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Monday, August 24, 2015

Still In Chrysalises/ New Generation of Caterpillars

On Saturday afternoon, mom said she saw that other monarch butterflies had laid eggs. She said she would harvest the milkweed with the eggs when the bigger monarch keeper cage came in. Well, it came yesterday!

The milkweed with the caterpillars - one still in an egg, the other munching her way to adulthood - is now in the sanctuary with the chrysalises. The monarchs should emerge from the chrysalises in 5-7 days. We're excited. We're also excited about the new generation of monarchs!


  1. That's just fascinating, dear Jessica Marie! What happens when they are fully developed and ready to take flight? Will you release them or keep them in the cage? If they are released, what will happen to them now that summer is ending up north and the cooler weather will be setting in? Do you happen to know the life expectancy of a monarch?

    Signed: Curious in Florida

    1. Hi Curious in Florida, a.k.a. Shady!

      We will release them from the cage.My guess is the monarchs will eat here, then journey onto Mexico for the winter. At least that is what is supposed to happen. I think they stay the winter in Mexico, then they journey on... or so documentaries say. I'm not really sure of the life expectancy.


  2. That's so exciting!! I always wanted a butterfly and hummingbird garden. Alas, the one I planted seemed to only ever attract things that bite and/or sting. :/

    1. One Monarch emerged today! I took some pictures - we're hoping the rest emerge tomorrow. I'll post then. :)