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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pennypacker Mills's In The Good Old Summertime

Yesterday I ventured to Pennypacker Mills in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania to attend "In The Grand Old Summertime." "The Grand Old Summertime" is a yearly event that looks at summer activities in the Victorian Era. Pennypacker Mills also hosted a British car show, but I was more interested in the Victorian history aspect.

Once I made it past the car show and onto the Pennypacker property, I stepped onto the porch and had the opportunity to dress Victorian. One of the events was a Victorian photoshoot. I can't pass those up! The volunteers helped me pick out an outfit that would look best on me. One showed me a beautiful blue skirt and I exclaimed, "I want that one!" Another picked out a white blouse. I dressed as they picked out a broach, hat, and hair tie to hold my hair back. Quickly I was transformed into a Victorian woman. Ella, the head of Pennypacker Mills, handed me a parasol and took my photos.
I'm going to use this as my author photo for "As Far As The Eyes Can See"

Then the one volunteer instructed me to sit down on the rocking chair, put the parasol beside me and hold a Chinese fan. I liked how this photo turned out.

After the Victorian dress up and photoshoot, I went to the song tent. The theme was "Songs of the Flags." I hung out for an hour because the performer was amazing! I loved hearing the stories and histories of how the songs were written and the significance behind the songs. The singer always performs for Pennypacker Mills's Civil War reunion and always puts on a good show.

I then played games. Croquet was a bit challenging. I loved playing with the Jacob's Ladder, and jump roping. I probably looked like a fool jump roping since it's been 15 years, but it was all in good fun. It was good exercise. Playing with vintage toys, especially the yo-yo was fun.

Then the hands-on barn! I loved going into the dark cavern to get an idea coal miners had to work in. It reminded me of being in a dark room, developing film. After a while, one gets claustrophobic in total darkness. Riding the horse and carriage and then going into a general store was neat too. Of course, I love the house tours.

"In the Good Old Summertime" lasted from 11am- 3pm. I left at 2:40. It was a fun day out and I would recommend it for next year. However, Pennypacker Mills offers all different types of events that are fun for the whole family! You can visit their site here or call 610-287-9349 for more information.


  1. @_@ I'm still recuperating from bearing an enormous load up and down the stairs - so when I come back to this comment I'll be better able to comment on the entry writ large!

    *looks up Schwenksville* It's in Montgomery County, like you are! Easy trip.

    When I was in middle school I adored Victorian history! Maybe late elementary school. Also early high school what with Lewis Carroll. One of those things... It coincides with the life of Karl Marx, and with the Russian literature I've been buried in lately (Oblomov which is с 1848 по 1859 год). Fun times! I still want to try tea from a real life samovar.

    The Chinese people insisted on showing me the way to hold a fan. I smiled, nodded, and gave them enough yuan to go away.

    Croquet is like the upper-class sport, I think...

    Maybe when I come back I'll remember the exact yo-yo thing lingering in my brain, but it's not coming right now...

    I get sleepy in total darkness.

    What happened during the house tour?
    I hope your horse-and-buggy ride was pleasant! I somewhat miss horseback riding, but not enough to justify the extreme expense of returning.

    More later!

    1. The house tour lasted about 35 minutes; I had to leave a little early. They took us throughout the parlors, kitchens, upstairs, bedrooms, servants' quarters, and the bathrooms. Ella talked about the history of the home, about the Pennypackers, how to house changed over the years, especially when new owners bought it in the 1900s, and how the house was restored.

      I think you're right. Croquet looks and seems like an upper class sport. I didn't go on an actual horse and buggy ride with a live horse. I just sat on the hitch and pretended to ride a horse. It was still fun, though!

  2. Hi, Jessica Marie! I just returned from a week long blogging break. Mrs. Shady and I were entertaining out of state house guests and I needed to curtail my blogging activity.

    I remember Schwenksville from my years of working at WGAL-TV, Lancaster. Montgomery County is in the station's coverage area. Your visit to Pennypacker Mills looked like lots of fun. Didn't you melt in the summer heat when you donned that Victorian outfit? Mrs. Shady and I would surely enjoy going there, especially when they hold the Civil War reunion.

    Thank you very much for visiting SDMM in my absence and leaving a kind and supportive comment for Janie Junebug!

    1. Hi Shady!

      I was wondering where you had wandered off too! Glad you and Mrs. Shady are alright! Hope you had fun with your guests too. :D

      Surprisingly, as someone who is always hot, I didn't. That was taken at 11:15 AM and there was a beautiful breeze blowing. The breeze helped. I think I was just anticipating the picture because I wanted a picture for a new author picture that I probably didn't even notice. I was dead set on a picture or two or three!

      If you ever visit, I would definitely recommend the Civil War museum! I don't drive, so I haven't attended for the past three years (dad for the past three years has been busy)... but I had attended for 7 of the prior years. It's A LOT of fun and one can meet a lot of enactors. It's a two day event as well.

      You're welcome! I enjoy Janie Junebug's blog!

  3. I like your outfit, but I feel sorry for the women of that era. It's hot here, and I prefer the current trends. :)

    1. Thank you! I am usually always hot, but for some reason, the outfit didn't make me too hot. Since this was located in a remote area, there was a breeze. Still, I don't envy Victorian women on very hot days!