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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hanging Out With Marsha 8/22/2015

Yesterday Marsha and I met up to go shopping in the King of Prussia Mall. It had been seven months since we last saw one another - the last time was in January after a blizzard. Marsha arrived at 11:15 AM and we headed to Nordstrom's so I can get this dress I ordered from Amazon hemmed:

Just a tad bit too long.

As we trekked to Nordstrom we talked about different things. Once we made it our way into Nordstrom, we wandered the first floor and as we wandered, I saw a cat purse. It was purple with green eyes and whiskers. I wanted it, but was too afraid to look at the price. We finally asked where I could get my dress altered and we walked upstairs. After about 20 minutes of getting measured and getting the dress pinned, I was told I would be able to pick up my dress next week. The cashier, the tailor, and the other assistant all remarked how pretty I looked in that beautiful dress and it does look good on me. Marsha and I wandered around Nordstrom some more, but I didn't buy anything. I want to wait for a sale - after all, Labor Day is coming soon! Maybe when I pick up my dress, a sale should be going on. I have to see if I have my tiny heeled shoes still. I don't like wearing high heels, but I think black shoes with a bit of a heel will look good. Nordstrom is one of the few places that carry my shoe size - 5. Maybe a white scarf would go with this dress as well? That's another reason I didn't buy anything yesterday because I want to wait for the dress to be finished so I can try things on with it.

We then went to Penney's since the store advertised sales. Meh, I prefer the way Penney's used to be. I don't like a lot of the styles they carry now. I did see a nice blouse set that was in the sale section, but it wasn't on sale. Marsha and I walked out and decided to go to lunch at Bonefish Grill. She had never eaten there before and that was one of my favorite places. One just opened at the mall and she wanted to try it.

Lunch was so good! I ordered raw oysters (yes, I love raw seafood) and a Caesar Salad. She ordered a chicken Caesar Salad. We just sat and caught up. Did some laughing and reflecting. We both really enjoyed our meal. We were also the few people in the restaurant - it wasn't crowded and it was really nice to catch up when the atmosphere isn't noisy and busy. After lunch, we decided to fool around with the sign and made silly poses.

Marsha sent this one to me.

We decided to walk around some more. We went into Pandora because their advertisement of NFL charms being available now drew me in. I have a Pandora bracelet; I was given a bracelet with three charms last Christmas. We went in and I inquired about the charms. I said I was a Packers fan and I'd like to see the charms. As you are aware I posted this gift box yesterday:

Yeah, I splurged a bit and bought the Packers charm and the green and gold charms. I figured I wear this bracelet to work and when I go out, I think the investment was good. The point of the bracelets, or so I've heard, is to tell a story of the woman's life.

I'm a HUGE Packers fan. I'm a shareholder of the team. I traveled to Green Bay twice and saw two pre-season games. I also went to a training camp in 2012. On my travels, I've met a lot of wonderful people - some I still keep in touch with. I was telling the story to the counter person and she was amazed by my travels. She thought it was so cool that I went twice to see my favorite team. Here are some blog posts about my travels in 2011 and 2012.
I'm Home (2011)Lambeau FieldThanks For the MemoriesMy Trip Through Titletown, USA (photo album)Lambeau Leapin' Through Wisconsin Part I (2012)Lambeau Leapin' Through Wisconsin Part II (2012)Lambeau Leapin' Through Wisconsin (album)

I'll be including some of the Wisconsin poetry I wrote in 2012 to As Far As The Eyes Can See. I will also be including this poem I wrote in 2011. It's one of my favorites:

The clouds ascend above Lambeau,
welcome to Green Bay!
Home of the infamous Packers;
my one and only-- enough delay!

Welcome to Green Bay,
sun sparkles off Lambeau's
red, white hot bricks--
I'm here in person, so close

the sparkles off of Lambeau
fill my eyes with tears--
a win against the Cardinals
with pride and love that spears.

My eyes are filled with tears
as Lake Michigan glistens
and ducks and geese eat from hand,
to the owls and inhabitants I listen.

Away from the glistening Lake Michigan,
in Curly's Pub, shots of victory taken
and pride that a dream has come true;
drink Jager slowly-- you're mistaken!

The clouds descend over Lambeau,
Goodbye Green Bay--
home of precious memories,
2012 don't you dare delay!

Marsha and I concluded our day at Starbucks. It was a really fun day out and I was so happy to see Marsha. We're going to get together in the fall. I told her in the fall I wanted to go to Berwyn and we could walk around the shops. We're both looking forward to that and the cooler weather! 


  1. Hi again Jessica Marie!

    ) - : (frowny face)

    I thought that I, Shady, am your best friend. But it's not me at all, it's Marsha. "Marsha and I went shopping together." "Marsha and I had lunch together." "I was so happy to see Marsha."


    (dated reference to The Brady Bunch :)

    With your fair skin I think you look good in black. I'm happy to see that you found charms for your favorite NFL team. Maybe you should avoid wearing your bracelet on game day. How, may I ask, did you become such a huge Cheese Head fan in the first place?

    I love seafood and Mrs. Shady and I love Bonefish Grill. There's one in our town and it is our favorite restaurant. We never had anything less than an excellent meal at Bonefish.

    Happy Sunday to you, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Shady, you sound like my dad when he refers to Marsha. I just chuckle - growing up I LOVED the Brady Bunch! Next time you visit Pennsylvania, you'll have to come shopping with us! :D

      My dad is a huge Ravens fan (since the Colts days) - no one in this household likes Philadelphia sports. One day dad had a game on and it was the Packers and someone else (probably the Eagles - dad was probably waiting for the news to come on, but kept the game on as he waited, he typically does) and I just loved the way they played. I watched more games, did some research on the team, and I became a fan. They're really good and the fans were just really warm and welcoming. The players seem really warm and welcoming too.

      There are quite a few Cheesehead fans in this area. Usually I'll wear my stuff around them or in neutral places... but never in sports bars around here on game day. Though, people aren't too terrible to Packers fans here... if I was a Cowboys fan, though, that'd be a different story. :D I actually see more non-Eagles fans in this area than Eagles fans. It's amazing.

      Seafood is the best! Bonefish Grill and Legal Seafood are my favorite places. Never had a bad meal at either one of those places. We used to go to Exton for the Bonefish Grill; we were happy when they opened the one here back in May.

      Happy Sunday to you too, dear friend Shady!

    2. Also, thank you! Black is one of my favorite colours. I was happy that the dress actually fit me. Usually when I order clothes on Amazon, they don't fit (I guess because a lot of clothes come from China).

      Maybe instead of a scarf, I'll wear a necklace with it. I'm not sure if a scarf would take away from the design on the dress.

    3. I never heard of Legal Seafood. I'll have to check to see if there are any down locations down this way.

      Black is the new black and you look great in it!

    4. I think Legal Seafoods originated in Maine. It could very well be a Mid-Atlantic place... though they are in Baltimore,I believe. Whenever we used to go to Baltimore a lot, we would eat in McCormick and Schmick's. They had really good seafood as well.

      Thank you! I was never much of a fashionista, I just wear what I like. HAHA. But, lately, I've been thinking of things I could wear to interviews and in an office, so I've been shopping for those things lately. It always amazes me how expensive office clothes can get.

    5. I didn't read all of the dialogue, but Im betting Jessica is too young for the Brady Bunch. :)

      J - why do you like the Packers?

      I've been addicted to the Little League World Series. To the point that it is causing me anxiety. :-/

    6. I used to watch the Brady Bunch on Nick at Nite!

      I love the Packers because of their team dynamic. I love the way they play, but I also love the way they treat their fans and the fan base is super nice. Between being a good team and their fan base and their history, I was sold. :) I'm a die hard.

      That's me by the end of football season. What teams are in the Little League World Series?

  2. That dress looks wonderful on you, Jessica; I'm sure it'll be even better once it's been hemmed. :)

    Glad that you and Marsha had an awesome time together, as you usually do. :)

  3. That dress is lovely!!

    I LOVE THE BONEFISH GRILL. Next time you go, try the bang bang shrimp. Holy crap is that delicious.

    I don't think we can be friends anymore if you support the Packers.

    [ not really ;) ]

    GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thank you! It should be done on Friday. Then once I get a full time job, I'm investing in some shoes for it. Someone suggested wedges... I'm not a fashionista, so I might have to go shopping with one since I'm clueless when it comes to these things.

      I will have to! I forget what I had the first time I went there in May, but it was so good. All of Bonefish Grill's food is amazing!

      Well, next time the Packers are in Philly, we'll have to go to a game. :D I think they'll be playing in Green Bay this year, though.


  4. It looks like you had a nice time there ^_^ Sushi and raw ingredients tend to settle so-so.

    Men don't wear charm bracelets? Looks like I'll have to send back what I was going to get my acquaintance, then.
    (This is just what I thought - of course I don't get anyone anything, as I have no disposable income.)

    I hope you have fun with her in the future as well, then ^_^

    1. I've never seen men, at least straight men, wear charm bracelets. Maybe they are made, but Pandora is a store for women. :)

      We have to get together sometime soon!