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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ghazel Poem About Nan

As you all know, I've been working on my book. I really hope to have it done by November 2015. I'm going to include some Wisconsin poems I wrote a few years ago in the book and to set up those Wisconsin poems, I wanted to write about before I left Philadelphia.

Here is a ghazal about my first trip to Wisconsin in 2011. The day I left and I was dropped off at the airport.

Goodbye Ghazal

We pull into the airport, give our kisses goodbye,
we park the car, she cries her goodbye.

I grab my luggage, a new beginning,
flat lands, Packers fans, I tell Philly goodbye.

"Remember to call when you get there!"
"Of course!" I said to Nan before goodbye.

"Have a great time! You've worked hard for this!"
She's missed bingo for me, to wave goodbye.

9:30 AM, my plane to Green Bay leaves at 11:10,
I give my bear hugs goodbye.

Of course it's multiple hugs and kisses between both,
you would have thought I'd be gone forever, not a three-day goodbye.

Jessica hands the clerk her plane ticket
and turns to wave out the window, goodbye.

This was Olivia's way of saying goodbye. "Please don't go!"

Although this isn't obviously from August 2011, this pretty much sums up our relationship.

Philadelphia Airport display

Before takeoff to Green Bay!

Lake Michigan is so pretty! So close to Green Bay!

Lambeau Field!

Friday, I will post the bop I wrote. It made me cry a little writing it and that's why I want to wait to post it.


  1. I hardly knew my grandmothers.
    Lake Michigan looks pretty!

    1. I LOVE Lake Michigan! I'm going to include my Lake Michigan poem in my book. :)

  2. Recovering from my last great Russian happenstance has been a phlegmatic, oppressive course, likely compounded by labyrinthine health turnarounds, so I've been Quite Absent.

    I probably will sound callous here - it seems to me that you have been wracked by grief over Nan's departure for such a long time - when do you think you will let go and allow your life to blossom in this new world? Everyone must leave - some faster than others. This intense sadness could be interfering with your interview impression - making you seem like a worse candidate than otherwise possible.

  3. Wow...August 2011. I do remember you writing about your trip to Wisconsin - I was visiting Nottingham for a week that month!