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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Academy of Natural Sciences's Bug Fest 2015 (8/8/2015)

Yesterday I made the trek to Philadelphia to attend the Academy of Natural Sciences's Bug Fest. I have attended the past three years and loved every time I went; since I am a member this year, I thought I'd love to do it again.

When I arrived to Center City, I went to Starbucks. The other day I ordered a turkey bacon breakfast sandwich since I don't eat bacon (or pork) anymore. I felt picky enough, but I told them to hold the egg as I associate eggs with dairy and me and dairy don't mix (I swear I'm not picky!). I was nervous about turkey bacon since I've heard mixed things about it, but it was really good! I ordered it again (sans egg) on Saturday.

As I was eating, there was a German family sitting next to me. I try not to eavesdrop on German and Arabic speakers, but since I can understand them, it's hard not to. I get too nervous to talk, but it's amazing listening to foreign languages - it's even more amazing when you can understand a bit. It feel like the world is more colourful. I then met another family from Italy.

When I arrived at the Academy of Natural Sciences, I noticed the chef from Louisiana wasn't there like last year. This year there was a chef from Seattle - Michael Gordon. There were no bug food samples waiting outside. I went in and saw the different beetles. The Hercules beetle was my favorite!

After wandering around playing with bees (male honeybees don't sting), looking at Swallowtail caterpillars, looking at artwork, and learning about other insects, I finally made my way down to the Commons and finally had my fix of insects. I had cricket mixed in trail mix. I needed something to wash it down - crickets taste better mixed in cookies or apple chutney, it's hard to get down just as is. Sadly the Academy doesn't sell coconut milk and I had to buy soy milk - I can't really have soy, but I bought it anyway. I figured once wouldn't be bad. I washed down the crickets with soy.

Then the Bug Chef began to cook. I volunteered to try the scorpion. I really liked the scorpion - the Bug Chef removed the poison sack and it was okay to eat without the poison sack. The scorpion was good - it reminded me of soft-shelled crab. It was good!

I then participated in Bug Yoga. That was my first time doing yoga and I really liked it. It felt really good, especially on my back. It felt peaceful.

I then went into the Outside In and had the opportunity to pet Ollie, the tortoise. I loved Ollie.

Finally, Bug Appetite! I was the last group to volunteer to try some of the creations. I tried tarantula Again, once the poison sack was removed, it was safe to eat. Reminded me of calamari and it was very good.

Lastly, I saw the butterflies. As always, the butterflies were just beautiful. It was a nice ending to Bug Fest at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Even Baymax enjoyed his visit. :)


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie! Mrs. Shady and I love museums and exhibits and we would surely enjoy Bug Fest. Let me get this straight. You ate crickets, scorpion and tarantula? You should send in your application to join the cast of Survivor because I can picture you winning an exotic food challenge and securing tribal immunity! :) I could probably eat ants, bees and crickets but I don't know about poisonous critters. Examining that tortoise would be my favorite part of the tour.

    You really get around , don't you?

    1. There is a joke around both of my jobs (and when I was still at my internship): "For someone who doesn't drive, you sure do get around better than we do!" Some places are easier than others when it comes to getting around. :)

      That would be a great idea! I liked the scorpion and tarantula.The way he prepared the cricket, meh. Last year, the chef made chocolate chirp cookies and also mixed crickets in apple chutney. I preferred that. I've always wanted to try ants, but the ANS never serves those. Bees I don't think would be too bad. I figured why not? We only live once :D

      I'd recommend the Academy of Natural Sciences! They have really cool events. Bug Fest every year around this time, Mega Bad Movie Night every four months, and so many other things!

    2. I wish I lived up there again!

      << chocolate chirp cookies >>

      That's a clever name for cookies with crickets in the mix!

      I wonder why they don't have chocolate covered ants at the fest.

    3. I've wondered that too. I know they said they had to special order these bugs from very trustworthy places - they just don't get them from the backyard (in fact, they advised against bugs from the backyard as backyard bugs most likely eat pesticides).... so I wonder if maybe ants aren't trustworthy or it's not exotic enough.

      From last year's Bug Fest, the cook that came in last year from New Orleans gave us free recipes. Chocolate chirp cookies was one. Very easy to make and I've thought about making them.

  2. "For somebody who don't drive I been all around the world. Some people say I do all right for a girl, oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, I got a brand new pair of roller skates . . . " This line makes me a bit sad: do all right for a girl. Well, my dear, you will not run into me at a bugfest. The way you describe the scorpion makes me think you're trying to convince yourself that it was good. I like Ollie and the butterflies. The rest? No, thank you.


    1. I did like the scorpion, I thought it tasted good once it cooled down. However, the way he presented it without a plate and eating it very hot, I could have done without. I don't like my food very hot and I burned my tongue. It would have been nice to have a plate to put the very hot food on as well. Once it cooled down, it was good. Though, I did prefer the tarantula. I didn't have to crack shells with my teeth.


  3. I'm glad you had fun!

    When I eavesdrop I end up learning more about the world :) it doesn't matter which language!

    Probably it's about time for lunch. I've just not been feeling well today @_@ talk later!

    1. The Academy is always fun! We have to go together some time!

      I love eavesdropping on foreign language speakers. I like learning about the world too.

  4. Ollie and your pose are the best photos. I'll pass on the bugs.

  5. I'm surprised that no one at the Bug Fest has made a real-life variant of the Cockroach Clusters from Harry Potter. :)

    1. Hmmm, I'll have to look that up. I'm not a big HP fan, so I'm not sure. Haha.