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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Turkey Hill Experience

Two weeks ago (July 5), mom, dad, and I ventured to the outskirts of York, Pennsylvania to go to the Turkey Hill Experience. Although this wasn't their main factory where the ice cream is made, it was a good replica of the ice cream factory.

We were greeted by the huge Turkey Hill cow. We all took pictures with it, then went inside to the gift shop. I loved the gift shop, especially the cow hat I ended up buying (which as you can see from my Blog Party, I ended up getting a free meal at Chick-Fil-A because of it). We perused the gift shop for a good fifteen minutes before buying our Experience ticket that would allow us to make ice cream.

When we walked up the stairs, we were in a museum. The museum was really neat and I learned a lot about the history of Turkey Hill and the area. We made our way around and I saw that they now import ice cream to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. My dad and I were shocked about that because it was funny picturing ice cream keeping cold long enough in the transport to the hot atmosphere of the Middle East and instead it would be a vanilla-y, creamy mess for the sheikhs. The ice cream does make it, though, and that region loves Turkey Hill. I had to text Moe asking him questions about whether he had Turkey Hill while he was in Saudi Arabia. He didn't and he doesn't get that ice cream in Canada either.

Then we sampled ice cream and sat on the rocking chairs to sample the small scoops of ice cream. We sat there before watching a movie, then making a recipe for our ice cream and planning for our commercial.

Our appointment to make ice cream was at 10:45 am. It was a neat process of mixing in our chosen flavors, additions, and other fixings. I chose apple cinnamon with butterscotch and jimmies. It turned out good (I still have half a pint left - they let us take it home).

I would definitely recommend this tour! It wasn't too expensive either. I think around $10.


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie! What fun it must have been to create your own flavor of ice cream! It was great to see these pictures taken during your visit to The Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia. It prompted me to do more reading about it. I lived in Lancaster County for a dozen years and enjoyed Turkey Hill ice cream and tea, but moved to Florida around the time the company expanded its market to Philly and up and down the East Coast. The attraction itself did not open until 2011 and that explains why I never heard of it until now. As it happened I had lunch at a restaurant in Columbia in March 1984, the very day that I moved away from the region that had been my home all my life and moved to Florida. Mrs. Shady and I just finished watching the 4+ hour movie Gettysburg but neither of us knew about the burning of the Wrightsville Bridge and how it figured into the confrontation between North and South in Gettysburg a few days later.

    Thank you for another great post, dear friend Jessica Marie, one that hit close to home!

    1. Oh wow, the Turkey Hill Experience is new! I never heard of it until we went. My parents went to the Sturgis Factory in Lititz a few days before hand and mom saw a sign for Turkey Hill. She thought it'd be neat for all of us and we went.

      I'm a big Civil War buff and I will admit I learned some things in the museum I didn't know. I was surprised with all I learned. The ice cream and iced tea samples helped too.

      I'm glad you enjoyed, Shady. :) Maybe next time you visit home, you can make some ice cream. :)

  2. I'm glad you had fun at Turkey Hill! ^_^

    I'm still embarrassed since dad came in to tell me he was off to church right when I was panting on the ground dead from the Pilates workout I'd been watching. ._.; (It will pass.)

    That was pretty clever of you to use the stuff you'd gotten from TH for Chick-fil-A benefit!

    *going to collapse with some tea and the books she's trying to read*

    1. I hope you feel better! Hope the tea and books help!

      Yes, ironically, as we were driving to the THE, we passed a Chick-Fil-A that advertised Cow Appreciation Day on July 14. I smiled and when I saw the hat, I thought, "Perfect!" My parents thought it was cute, so I bought it.

    2. A little, though I'm still about 75% of the way through where I want to get through the books for today. Finally out of the introduction of my Interstellar book :) so the rest should be smooth sailing!

      How about that.

  3. The closest I've come so far to making ice cream is whipping whipped cream to the point where it almost had the consistency of ice cream. :P