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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (7/13-7/18)

Tuesday, July 14

Happy birthday, Monoxide! I hope your special day was enjoyed!

Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A! Since I dressed as a cow, I received a free meal - chicken biscuit breakfast sandwich. So good and so glad that everyone loved my outfit. Even the landscapers gave me a thumbs up. Some people honked their horns to give me their thumbs up. Only one person waiting for the bus said, "You gotta be kidding me!? Why would you do something like that?!" To each their own.

Wednesday, July 15

Minions Happy Meal! I love the Minions!

My scrapbooking class! It was a success and I'm glad. Scrapbooking With Jess Success.

My one student. She took the picture of me above after the class was over. She then took a selfie. Nice girl, very nice girl.

Thursday, July 16

French students stopped by the UMSSC to garden. I took these photos while leaving on the bus to head to job #2.

Friday, July 17

I'm saddened by the events in Tennessee. I stand by our troops, but I also hope people don't start grouping all Muslims as terrorists now. That really sinks my heart; people judge an entire faith by the actions of terrorists that pervert it (I could say that about everything, there are always some individuals or terror cells that ruin things for others). I wish people would come to understand that most Muslims are peaceful and aren't radically different from Christians and Jews. Or any human for that manner. We should all come together as human beings instead of dividing ourselves.

Happy Eid to all of my Muslim readers!

Stargazer Lilies! I have loved having the windows opened to smell the heavenly aromas!

Saturday, July 18

Caturday in full effect!

My library boss's son's friend owns Gangster Vegan. Decided to give it a try. Bought non-alcoholic Vegan juice shots. The Hangover, Cash Money, and Breathe were the flavors.

This is Breathe. Wasn't bad... but The Hangover had cayenne and my mouth was still burning. I'll get sweet juices next time!

Hope everyone has a good week! ~Jessica


  1. I was just about to send you an FB message saying that I saw this but couldn't possibly comment on this right now due to reason # x, y, and z, but then I realised I was just making up nonsense and just wanted to read Kip Thorne's The Science of Interstellar and the other goodies I got from the library today (including something called 陪你到最後 which means Be With You Till The End and Ilene Hochberg's Good Mousekeeping, which is a cat-themed parody magazine on common housekeeping magazines, among others). I'm going to give myself a week reading Thorne's book before I call up Matt and lay shit on him for trash-talking that film. It seems the beauty of the space special effects blinded him to the real twenty-first century breakthroughs in astrodynamics it was trying to portray.

    I'm a little stressed over my sister's birthday - she is turning 23 next Tuesday and I just had to counsel her through her recent financial mishap with the bank that she switched to outside of PA. It should be just fine, but I'm wary my sister may want more drama surrounding her magical birthday she's spending in Colorado with my father's brother and his family.

    Clearly the bus-stop bystander did not see the economic benefit to your bovine attire. It must have taken some courage. Kudos!

    (I avoid associating with Minions as much as possible since Cong called me his minion and that makes me uncomfortable since it downplayed me as a fellow intellect. I'm glad you enjoyed your Happy Meal though ^_^)

    I am still so glad your class made up! :)

    Maybe I should embrace French a little closer than I do, since it's easier to access and practice everywhere than Russian or Chinese, my two big focal languages. However, I don't really want to. Many French people are nastier to me than the many other Russian people I know. (Then Chinese is just easy-ish for me to read. O_o I find kanji rather straightforward. And every man I have been with has treated me to a delicious Chinese dinner ^_^)

    People are people no matter how they identify themselves as.

    I didn't really realise those were called Stargazer Lilies! It seems like you had beautiful arrangements of them. ^_^

    Poor Sunshine got booted from my bed last week when I had that acquaintance bearing Mongolian beef visit.

    /no drink comment

    Have a good week!

    1. Yeah, I didn't speak to the French students. I know a little French, but it's pidgeon French and I have heard French people can be nasty if you butcher their language. I just said "Hi" in English and went back to work. They were talking behind our backs in French anyway. Meh.

      That's true! I kept telling him I was given a free meal because I was dressed as a cow. He still wasn't buying it. He was the type of person that makes Philadelphia and this area bad for me. Those are the attitudes I don't like: condescending and whatnot.

      That's true as well. People are people no matter how they identify themselves as or where they come from. Every Saturday my dad and I watch an old Western called "The Rifleman." Lucas McCain said to someone last week, "The sooner you realize that people are the same all over, you will get along better wherever you live." It made me think and it tucked that into my memory. I guess for the most part, wherever I end up... people will have quirks there too.

      Enjoy reading! I have one book to finish, then another one to read. I'm halfway through the second one.