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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Joys of Being a Library Page

I've been a page in a library for nine years. For those of you who aren't familiar with library pages, I pretty much keep the library organized. My part time gig is shelving books, CDs, DVDs, playaways, then checking in these materials and other odds and ends for the adult department. Though in the past year, my job has expanded a little - helping out the children's department for last summer's art program, setting up for toddler Friday every season, and recently my scrapbooking class. I love my job and once I get a full time job, I'd still keep it on the side. I love my co-workers and being in a library.

Today I had to shelve the large print after emptying the 14 bags that came through the interlibrary loans. Surprisingly the hardback fiction and large print were overflowing. Usually in the summer, fiction does go out more than non-fiction, but usually it's more paperback than hardback. Not this year. Anyway, I had to shelve the overflowing large print.

When I was putting away the books, this lady was browsing. I asked her if she needed help finding something. She said, "Oh, no. Just browsing. It looks like the authors I love, I've read all of their books."

I replied, "Oh no. What do you normally like to read genre wise?"


"Have you ever read Maggie Sefton?"


"She's pretty good. She writes knitting mysteries. I really enjoy her."

So the patron checked out a Maggie Sefton book in large print. She took my suggestion and I hope she does enjoy the book.

I am usually not a mystery gal, but Maggie Sefton is fun. I love the knitting, teddy bear, and cat mysteries usually. Maybe after I'm done Arab Voices, I'll check out another Maggie Sefton book to take a break from non-fiction (I do love non-fiction, though).

This is the first book I read and LOVED it.

Maggie Sefton. Source:

Have any of you read Maggie Sefton? Do you like mysteries? If so, what do you normally like to read?


  1. Never heard of Maggie Sefton, though I got some sort of "Knitting Mystery" image when I looked, only read and enjoyed Nancy Drew and a couple Hardy Boys, then other mysteries have tended just to irritate me unless I like the author for whatever reason.

    It's quite a job, library pageyness. /totally out of it after inhaling too much testosterone, or androgen or whatever they put in that odour, probably will be better tomorrow

    1. I enjoy it!

      I hope you feel better tomorrow!

    2. I'm glad!

      So far I've only been a little snotty, after awakening from a tsunami nightmare, the sort of which I hadn't had since middle school. I made sure to get on right now though since today Goncharov's Oblomov is due, but I need to renew it due to reading too many things at once. (It's droll. The BBC movie Wikipedia details is unavailable anywhere I've looked, I only had found a "raw" 1965 adaptation from nowhere reputable. *sneeze* Later on, other stuff like the Mosfilm adaptation mentioned on Wikipedia which I did locate...)