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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thankful Thursday 7/2/2015

With only two more days until my birthday, I have a lot to be thankful for. On Tuesday, the Senior Center had a little birthday party for me and they gave me a nice card. Today one of the members gave me a card and that totally made my day. The card is so beautiful and just the gesture itself made me so happy. I gave her a big hug and thanked her. I will be sending her a thank you card. When I left the Senior Center (we're closed tomorrow) to head to work at the library, the director gave me a big hug, said Happy Birthday and enjoy my New York City trip tomorrow. I'm really thankful.

When I arrived at the library, Terry left me a birthday card. Terry never forgets my birthday and last year she brought me cake. The card she left for me this year was adorable. It made me smile as well. When I left work at the library, my two bosses gave me a hug and wished me a very happy birthday and have a great trip.

I also received some beautiful birthday cards from a few friends of the Snail Mail group. I'm thankful for that group. And of course, the card from my former boss from West Chester. I'm still thankful about that.

Although I've been stressing about turning 26, I still have a lot to be thankful for. I still have my health for the most part and I have wonderful people in my life. I'm also super psyched for New York City tomorrow. I'm so excited to go to Balade and Central Park and other museums I have planned. I hope I have time! I'm getting up at 4:24 tomorrow morning and I should be in NYC by 8:45 AM. I'll be spending a 11.5 hour day there tomorrow. Also, the film for dad's camera arrived! I'll be taking both film and digital pictures. Y'all will see the digital pictures right away, but the film pictures usually take a week and a half or two. Just so excited.

Birthday cake from the birthday party on Tuesday.

An early birthday gift from my parents: Fitbit and a new battery charger. Thankful! :)

Everything I've received as of last night.

Card from the Center.

The beautiful bird card is from Ernestine, one of my favorite members, and the cat card is from Terry. Both made my day today. :)


  1. Clearly, many people love and care about you, dear Jessica Marie. I hope your trip is everything you've hoped for and more. Once again, happy birthday to you, my new friend!

    1. Thank you, my new friend. :) You're very right: many people do love and care about me - another thing to be thankful for.

      I'll be posting about my trip most likely on July 5th. It depends on how I feel on my birthday. :) I hope you have a great holiday!

  2. Hello. Happy Birthday to you, hope you have fun. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you! NYC was awesome! It was a perfect pre-birthday celebration. Now I'm spending my birthday relaxing. It was just a really nice time and a nice day out. :)